Everyone needs a friend at some point, but Batman’s lifelong mission means he can’t have many true friends – a sad thought for a haunting hero.

bat Man He is known as one of the most dedicated and best prepared heroes in all of DC Comics. Whether he’s on the streets defeating the new villain threat or searching for hard-to-pin down clues for his next case, Batman’s mission to wage war against the criminal element is an aspect of his character that will never change.

But what does a life devoted to doing justice to those who would harm others do to a man who wears a mask most of the time? For one thing, it is tremendously difficult to maintain any kind of relationship, romantic (as Catwoman can attest) or otherwise. And when it comes to real and true friendships, well, Batman doesn’t exactly consider himself the most social person in the world, a problem that stems more from the Dark Knight’s devotion to his lifelong mission than anything else.

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Played in recent editions of bat Man Y Detective comicsBatman has had his hands full of villains and antiheroes alike who have deep connections to his past. Not one to have many friends outside of his various relationships with members of his extended Bat-Family (whom he is usually on the outside with most of the time), Batman is shown in these numbers and in his long and legendary history as a kind of loner who doesn’t admit that he needs people when he clearly needs them. He pushes them away apparently more out of a twisted sense of principle than any kind of logical reasoning when offering his company.

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Fighting Hush, also known as his childhood friend Tommy Elliot, Ghost-Maker, his previous Batman rival and confidant, and Two-Face, also known as the political and personal ally of adult Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent, Batman has had a roller coaster. from a past making friends. The people he connects with often eventually turn against him, unleashing the wrath of his dark alter ego and pitting them against each other in the long run. And it is here, with Batman’s war on crime always on his mind, that the idea of ​​true friendship is lost in a man who honestly needs more of her.

Seen specifically with Hush and Ghost-Maker, the bonds forged with Bruce when he was a younger and less experienced man were some of the only experiences he clung to as he transitioned from a broken child, to a determined young man, to a successful adult. hero. He regrets these experiences when he realizes that no matter how close he is to someone, they will always end up disappointing him, or him, forcing him to return to his obsession with his war on crime. Whether Hush goes crazy trying to be like Bruce by killing his own parents, Ghost-Maker turning on him once he realizes that Bruce’s idea of ​​crime fighting is different from his own, or even Two-Face blaming the Bat for his psychotic. rupture and loss of his true self in Harvey Dent, Batman’s very line of work has meant that any friendship he has generally does not survive the process.

bat Man You may never change your attitude regarding your unrealistic work ethic and lifelong mission to thwart criminals, and because of this, having a true, consistent friend is rarely in the cards, especially when your confidants are more Nearby always seem to get lost in the shuffle. Fortunately, Bats will always have someone in Big Blue, Superman, when he really needs someone to lean on. But even then, Batman’s mindset regarding his war on crime will never allow him to forget that Supes is just another overpowered person who, like Bruce’s “friends” before him, could turn against the people he loves in any moment.

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