Google has released the first developer update for Android 12, and with it is a glimpse of some of the features that end users are likely to get.

Android 12’s first developer preview was released yesterday and Google has included a host of new features and updates that will make users’ lives easier, better, or just more fun if they make it to the public release version. Of course, since it’s just a developer preview, there’s always scope for the included features to be further improved or removed entirely before then. It’s expected to be in September, but if users can’t wait until then, there are ways to access the developer preview now.

The first Android 11 developer preview was also released around this time last year. When it was released to the public in September, its updates focused on the three main areas of communication, controlling connected devices and media, and controlling your privacy and data. To give an idea of ​​the delivery time of Android 12, Android 11 is still available for certain devices.

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Presenting the preview, Google said: “With each release, we are working to make the operating system smarter, easier to use and better performing, with privacy and security at the core.” With Android 12 in particular, it says it is improving the user experience, introducing new privacy protections, and optimizing performance. Android Police Y 9To5Google We have detected in various ways some of the features that we can expect to see.

Best Android 12 Features and Updates

Android 12

Notifications are being redesigned with larger icon sender images as part of that, but it also looks like the repeat functionality will come to the fore. Users can tap and snooze a notification for an hour by default or set it for longer. In another nice usability tweak, it will also be possible to exit full-screen apps with a swipe now, making the process more efficient.

From a customization perspective, the home screen has a new 4 × 5 grid option. This is the first non-symmetrical option offered, presumably to fit taller phones, and it gives users more options on how to use them. would like to design your apps and widgets. It will also be possible to prevent certain applications from showing the media player in the notification draw, which is not necessary for some.

In a nice touch for when people visit, the Close Share feature can now be used to transfer Wi-Fi passwords to other nearby Android users. That builds on existing QR code sharing functionality. And finally, there are improvements to the screenshot editor, with users being able to add text and emoji.

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