In Kelly Thompson and Elena Casagrande’s Black Widow # 5, Natasha embarks on a new mission in a new city, wearing a cool new superhero costume.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Black widow # 5 by Kelly Thompson, Elena Casagrande, Jordie Bellaire and Cory Petit from VC, out now.

In Marvel’s new Black widow series, Natasha Romanoff was attacked by a group of villains consisting of the Weeping Lion, Madame Hydra, the Red Guardian and Snapdragon. The quartet joined forces with the X-Men villain Arcade to end Natasha not by defeating her, but by giving her the perfect life. The villains were able to make her forget her time as a spy and Avenger, and instead gave her a life in which she worked as an architect in San Francisco and was engaged to a young son.

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However, Natasha finally regains her memories, just as her new life is taken from her. And the resulting heartbreaking leads Black Widow to embark on a new mission, in a new city, and in a cool new superhero costume.

Black Widow’s enemies tried something different by discreetly pulling her off the board. Instead of killing her, they gave her a happy life. This meant that she would stay out of their way while they performed their evil deeds. However, the mysterious new Weeping Lion went against the plans of his cohorts and tried to kill the Black Widow. As a result, her memories returned, the illusion was abandoned, and Natasha fought to protect what she had been given.

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In Black widow # 5, the villains go on the offensive, choosing to try to get Natasha out before she has a chance to kill them. Only his attack makes things worse: the explosion kills Natasha’s fiancé, James, and their son, Stevie. With the help of Hawkeye, Yelena Belova, and Winter Soldier, Natasha takes out her enemies. Only after the fight is over is the real truth revealed: James and Stevie are really alive, and Bucky Barnes has hidden them somewhere far away.

Natasha is very comforted to know that the two people she loves so much are secretly alive somewhere but, to protect them, she must stay away from them forever. They may not be dead, but their departure is heartbreaking for Natasha because she will never be able to meet them again.

This heartbreak, however, inspires Natasha to make big changes in her life. Her love for James and Stevie inspires her to honor them by being better. Thus, he lets go of his deceptive life as a spy to operate as a superhero in San Francisco. The city that was once his family’s home is now Black Widow’s new base of operations. This new beginning is completed with Natasha ditching her old outfit to wear a new costume.

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The character’s new costume still retains the trademarks of his spy outfit, from the widow’s bracelets to the iconic belt, but there are also some sizable additions, such as bright red lines running down its sides, as well as a cropped jacket and Black hood. The bright red lines give it a more superhero look, one that is comparable to the MCU’s Tony Stark in 2015. Avengers: Age of Ultron.

This is still the Black Widow, but it is clear that things will now be different. She is no longer just a spy. To honor her family, she has chosen to truly become a superhero.

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