Christine Chiu knows how to turn heads, even when she’s putting gas in her luxury vehicle. Her latest look is receiving praise from fashionistas.

The Netflix reality series Bling Empire is addictive and wonderful for many reasons, including the fashion choices of its classy and wealthy cast member, Christine Chiu. Bling Empire parties are the most popular invitations in town, as these luxury events are decadent. However, the friendships are heartwarming and the show isn’t just about the elite lifestyle and the fashions that go with it. The series offers a look at some great clothes, from couture to casual, and Christine is now perfecting her street style with a cool pair of patchwork jeans.

Although Jaime Xie, the daughter of tech billionaire Ken Xie, is a well-known young fashion influencer, she is not the only one on the show who has impeccable taste. Anna Shay’s closet is full of designer labels. Christine Chiu and Cherie Chan met on the fashion week circuit. In fact, Christine, the founder of Beverly Hills Med Spa, is known as a “collector of haute couture”.

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Given her habit of buying at least one item from every fashion show she attends, it’s no wonder the Instagram fashion icon Christine Chiu She recently stepped out in stunning jeans. Patchwork, wide leg, high waisted, and baggy jeans are getting a lot of positive media attention and Bling Empire fans. The fashion expert paired the 70s-inspired pants (made with patches of different shades of denim) with mirrored sunglasses and a black long-sleeved T-shirt. See the pants below:

In Los Angeles, Christine, who has recently been talking about her role as a mother, had an iced coffee and filled her tank with gas. Christin Chiu sometimes runs errands in yoga pants and a hoodie, but decided to take a chance on fashion for this outing. However, the overall effect was limited. She didn’t pump gasoline on her best dress, instead opting to elevate her everyday look with couture jeans.

It is worth mentioning that Christine’s patchwork denim jeans are very reminiscent of one of Chelsea Carter’s winning looks from Catwalk project season 18. In episode four of last year’s season, the “Ultimate Upcycle” challenge, contestants were tasked with sprucing up Goodwill yarns into a trendy look for host Karlie Kloss to wear to an upcoming fashion event. in Paris. The look needed to represent classic American fashion, and Chelsea wore twelve pairs of jeans to create the winning look.

It is unknown whether or not Christine saw that episode (or maybe she saw Karlie with the look at the Paris fashion event). What Bling Empire Fans know for a fact that patchwork denim is clearly making a comeback. Christine is sure to always take our breath away when it comes to her killer fashion. She has an eye for clothes and knows how to design a look. Hopefully fans will have a second Bling Empire Season with a more superlative style soon.

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Source: Christine Chiu / Instagram

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