Boruto episode 186 gives Naruto’s son a great victory over an annoying enemy of Kara, but a new assassin quickly arrives for blood.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 186, “How You Wear It”, now broadcast on Crunchyroll.

At Boruto anime, the son of the Hokage has been plunged into despair following the untimely death of one of his mentors, Mugino. The war against Kara has finally drawn close to the borders of Konoha and sadly, the traitor Ao took out the shinobi and is now aiming to take down Team 7.

Fortunately, Episode 186 has Boruto crushing Ao in a brilliant display of tactics, maturity, and cunning, but it’s a short-lived victory when an even more dangerous, blood-hungry foe arrives.

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Ao uses one of Katasuke’s jutsu absorbing gauntlets to block the opposition, absorbing all of their movements. Konohamaru and Sarada try to use their firebombs while Mitsuki uses his rays, but Ao quickly switches from defense to offense. Beyond that, he knows the team is depleting his chakra, which means it’s only a matter of time.

However, the first big hit comes thanks to Boruto’s shadow clones. Ao takes Boruto’s chakra blade, takes out a clone, and wields it himself. However, it is all part of the plan, as Mitsuki extends his arms and locks the blade in place within Ao’s grip. This drains Ao’s chakra and, as he escapes, he suffers the aftermath. Ao decides to use drones to drop jutsu bombs, but once again, Boruto is ahead of the curve.

He sends more clones to Ao, but the villain is able to find the real Boruto, who wears an absorption glove of his own. Thinking that he has won by finding the real Boruto, Ao stabs him, leaving Team 7 screaming in despair. But Boruto plays a game of genius when he slipped the gauntlet onto a clone, knowing that once it disappeared in a cloud of smoke, Ao would be distracted. He said so, he did, because by the time he disappears and Ao realizes that he has been tricked, the real Boruto attacks and hits him with a Rasengan in the chest.

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Ao is defeated when his body flies against a wall, but instead of taking revenge on Mugino and killing him, Boruto tells Ao that there is still time to go back as Kara’s deadly tool in the field. But just when it seems like Ao may harbor the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčredemption, his eyes go wide when he sees someone on the horizon.

The reason for his surprise: Koji Kashin has landed, eager to make Konoha pay. They have jeopardized his search for the Vessel, plus he’s really mad that Ao didn’t accomplish the mission. Koji quickly summons his giant toad, ready to battle wounded heroes who have run out of chakra. The worrying thing is that Koji is cool and an expert assassin, which means Team 7 will definitely have a tough battle ahead of them.

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