Bowser’s Fury is taking 3D Mario in an open-world direction that many fans want it to become the future of the series, but there are glitches to be solved first.

While most new Nintendo Switch owners enjoy Super Mario 3D Worldport, many returning fans have noticed Bowser’s fury. Somewhere between the aperitif and the full experience, Bowser’s fury it is essentially an open world 3D Mario game. It goes beyond even the non-linearity of Super mario odyssey, making it a brave step forward for both of us Mario and Nintendo in general.

The reception of the experiment has been overwhelmingly positive, with many players asking for more and hoping that Bowser’s fury should become the template for 3D Mario games to come. However, while Bowser’s fury shows great promise, this format needs more work before it becomes the new 3D Mario archetype.

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What needs work

Bowser’s fury it gets a lot right, but its structure needs more attention. The game is so open that it lacks a full line of missions with more scripts. All the cat shines – Bowser’s fury Primary Collectible – Feel like secondary content. They all fall into repetitive categories that lack the creativity and ambition of the 3D past. Mario games. Cat glitters are collected so quickly that many feel unearned, and there’s definitely little weight to any of them.

Reaching for a shine in Super Mario Sunshine or a Power Star in Super mario galaxy it was a much more rewarding experience. Even Super mario odyssey, which changed its focus from a rigid mission structure, had specific Power Moons related to history that had more gravity. These moons were then surrounded by a myriad of optional moons linked to smaller challenges or discoveries.

Almost all Cat Shines feel like those optional Power Moons. For players who prefer fully open collectible marathons like Banjo-Kazooie, Bowser’s fury services that. However, for gamers who miss the creative and precise design of the previous 3D Mario games, something is missing here. Playing Bowser’s fury It often feels like following the motions, playing aimlessly, and collecting dozens of Cat Shines.

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Bowser’s strongholds of fury

Of course this is a 3D Mario game, so following the movements is still very interesting. Although Mario is working with a modified version of 3D worldThe set of movements, movements and platforms quite limited in Bowser’s fury it still feels great. Exploring the jungle gym-like platforming obstacles Nintendo has put together is a lot of fun, and it’s backed up with a great soundtrack. The fundamental elements of Bowser’s fury they are solid.

Even if Cat Shines quickly becomes archetypal, there are still plenty of great game ideas here. The focus on Plessie, Mario’s dino companion, adds a whole new dimension to the experience. As adorable as Yoshi is, Plessie has a much greater impact on the game and the journey than Yoshi, and hopefully becomes a core member of the pack. Mario to emit.

Also, the concept of having access to 2D Mario3D ignition catalog Mario the game is novel. Unfortunately, they are under-utilized, as there aren’t many platform challenges designed specifically for them. While the implementation should be more deliberate than it is in Bowser’s fury, there is a lot of potential just in power-ups.

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Then there’s the Fury Bowser concept, which is incredibly fun and frustratingly shallow. There is a true cinematic flair to Fury Bowser encounters. This can be the most threatening Bowser has ever been, and his boss fights evoke a sense of tension and energy, at least at first.

Unfortunately, the fights themselves are mechanically simple and quickly become repetitive. They also take into account tier design and the Cat Shine collection, but only in the most superficial and tedious way. Like many of Bowser’s fury innovations, the concept of a persistent boss battle is very attractive, but its execution leaves something to be desired.

In general, the strengths and weaknesses of Bowser’s fury Talk to the shop that you still need before relying on this template. Bowser’s fury it’s a nice adventure, but that’s mainly because 3D Mario it is inherently pleasant. Even the weakest Mario the games are incredibly fun from a basic gaming perspective. But Bowser’s fury is possibly one of the weakest 3D Mario experiences. Lack of structural focus and poor implementation of ideas make much of the adventure feel meandering.

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Looking towards the next Mario 3D

If executed correctly, an open world 3D Mario The title could be really exceptional. It would be the natural evolution of the sandbox style that Odyssey focused on. However, more work needs to be done to develop the ideas presented in Bowser’s fury before becoming a full game. In many aspects, Bowser’s fury feels like a less complete version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildGreat Plateau. It is a microcosm for a larger experience. But while the Great Plateau felt battleship in its design, Bowser’s fury feels like a first draft.

With more work, Mario he was finally able to get his Breath of the wild – a truly open platforming adventure of which you are essentially unknown. It’s easy to hold onto that dream and overlook the questionable design of Bowser’s fury on its own, but these are flaws that could easily be addressed.

With a more grander and more mission-focused design coupled with the smaller scale Cat Shines available today, the frame would have more weight. Paying a little more attention to variety and careful implementation of ideas like Fury Bowser would make the overall experience even more engaging. With careful review, Bowser’s fury could be Mario’s future, but not yet.

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