Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman has been trending on social media after a Batman Returns Video of the set was unearthed. It’s no secret that Pfeiffer was a natural when it came to using Catwoman’s infamous whip, as there has been quite a bit of talk over the past decades. But recently discovered behind-the-scenes footage shows the actress decapitating four mannequins in one uninterrupted shot, and it’s blowing people’s minds again.

In Batman ReturnsMichelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman puts her newfound skills to the test in a department store. One of the most talked about scenes in the film occurs when the villain beheads four mannequins, which appear to have been divided into shots in the final cut. However, behind-the-scenes video shows that Pfeiffer was able to pull it off in one shot, which surprised even his trainer, Anthony De Longis. For some, Michelle Pfeiffer is the best part of Batman Returns, and there are still plenty of DC fans who would love to see her return as the character at some point.

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In 2017, Michelle Pfeiffer recalled playing the role of Catwoman in Tim Burton Batman Returns, pointing out that she was not the first choice. Annette Benning was originally going to star in the sequel, but had to quit after learning she was pregnant. “I trained for months with the master of the whip,” recalls Pfeiffer after landing the role. “On our first day together, I caught his face with the whip and it made me bleed. It completely destroyed me.” Turns out, Pfeiffer was just getting started when it came time to use the whip.

Michelle Pfeiffer went on to perform all of her own whip stunts in Batman Returns. While I was confident when training, getting it on set was a bit more difficult. “I was very nervous on my first day of filming,” Pfeiffer said. “I got pretty good with the whip, but when you show up … you don’t anticipate all the lights everywhere. They were installed in places that kept me from hitting my marks with the whip. So we had to rework the lighting over and over again.” . While the lighting may have had to be revamped multiple times, Pfeiffer was more than ready with the whip when the right conditions were established.

In 2019, Michelle Pfeiffer dusted it off Batman Returns whip and showed it to his followers on social media. She also posted a video of her using the whip, silencing critics who may have doubted she still had the skills. As to whether or not he will join Michael Keaton in the movie The Flash, it is unclear. Pfeiffer admitted that she had not approached him to have her version of Catwoman reviewed, but expressed interest in doing so. While we wait to see if he reprises the role, you can check out the behind-the-scenes footage of Pfeiffer pulling out the mannequins above, thanks to Mikey Walsh’s Twitter bill.

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