In Clarice, Agent Starling’s latest murder case does not amount to a serial killer. It’s something far worse that could break your mind and your career.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Clarice Season 1, Episode 1, “The Silence Is Over.”

On CBS ‘ Clarice, Agent Starling (Rebecca Breeds) has returned two years after the events of The silence of the lambs, returning home to Appalachia. She still suffers from PTSD after killing Buffalo Bill, but former Senator Ruth Martin believes Clarice is the right woman to solve the new series of murders that are taking place.

As much as her colleagues pressure her to make it clear that there is a serial killer on the loose, however, Clarice breaks protocol and reveals that this is not the case. Sadly, it’s something so evil that it could really shatter your faith in the system and humanity in general.

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Ruth plays with optics and politics because she is now attorney general in Washington. Sure, she wants Clarice to shine in the FBI, but she seems to have ulterior motives. After all, Clarice was a rookie during Bill’s case, but Ruth is pushing her too hard to show everyone that the Behavioral Sciences Unit, profilers, and women can get the job done.

Clarice begins to feel the pressure when the case reveals three murdered women who have been mutilated and marked all over. Brings up traumatic memories of Buffalo Bill. Her superior, Paul, wants her to portray him to the press as a serial killer, but her partner, Esquivel, accepts Clarice’s ideas.

Clarice believes that the murders do not fit the pattern of a serial killer. Eventually, she and Esquivel discover that all of these women had children with disabilities. They took part in clinical drug trials and were about to speak publicly about side effects before being killed.

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These women are being killed by special operations to cover the trail. Clarice and Esquivel rescue a reporter whom the women were going to rat out, while shooting and arresting the killer. He was going to make it look like the reporter committed suicide, which he sells to Clarice and Esquivel about the conspiracy.

Paul still wants her to tell the press that he is a serial killer, and it may be because the trail leads back to Washington. However, Clarice makes it clear on the news that this is not a serial killer and that she will stick around to find the true villains of the story.

She shocks her comrades and infuriates Paul, but Esquivel is glad that she stood up. The clues are very suspicious and although Paul wants Esquivel to keep an eye on Clarice, it seems he has won over Esquivel. Now, with the hitman in custody, he may dig deeper to uncover the truth, but it appears that internal forces will work against him.

Starring Rebecca Breeds, Michael Cudlitz, Kal Penn, Nick Sandow, Lucca De Oliveira, Devyn A. Tyler, and Marnee Carpenter, Clarice airs Thursdays at 10 pm ET / PT on CBS.

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