A look at Ironsworn, Expedition, and other tabletop RPGs designed for single player – great options for tabletop players separated from RPG groups.

Most tabletop role-playing games, from Dungeons and Dragons to Apocalypse world, are designed to be cooperative and multiplayer experiences: games where friends and family can gather around the table, put their heads together to solve problems and have fun playing fictional characters. However, board game fans who can’t meet other players in person or online shouldn’t despair – with innovative role-playing systems like Ironsworn Y Expedition, solo players can take part in single player tabletop RPG campaigns and overcome challenging dangers with their own imagination.

Typically when someone wants to participate in a single player RPG experience, they will start a computer RPG, like Pillars of Eternity or The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. However, there are several reasons why a tabletop gamer might want to “go analog” and play the single player mode of a tabletop RPG.

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Single-player tabletop role-playing games give players a break from the computer and are less restrictive than video games, allowing them to improvise and create their own solutions to problems. They also allow players to exercise their creative muscles, channeling their imaginations through the rules of the game to create epic new stories.

Single Player Board Role Playing Games – Ironsworn

Tabletop RPG Single Player Ironsworn

The world of Ironsworn – A Dangerous Missions Tabletop RPG It is a dark and dangerous place, where the isolated and scattered settlements of the Ironlands fight for survival against wild beasts, magical beings, raiding bandits and brutal weather. On this land, sinister adventurers called Ironsworn fight to keep their oaths or perish in the attempt. The gameplay of Ironsworn Get inspired by narrative role-playing games like FATE Core Y Apocalypse world, with special game rules called Movements that guide the resolutions of the player’s actions. Pulling d100 “Oracle dice“and the look-up tables in the basic rulebook, a solo player can generate random events, dangers, and world-building details to find in the game world, challenges that will test the Iron Vows that their characters have sworn to defend.

Single Player Board Role Playing Games: Expedition

Single player tabletop role-playing game Expedition The Roleplaying Card game

Expedition: the RPG card game, True to its name, it is a fantasy RPG built around decks of cards. These consist of character skill decks divided into the categories of Magic, Melee, Music, and Magic; Loot decks with different levels of useful treasures; and enemy decks with undead, fae, bandits, and beasts to challenge players. The basics Expedition The box contains all these cards and a single d20 die. The main rules of the game, available in the free download Expedition mobile app, also contains a selection of Choose your own adventurestyle campaigns conducted by contributors in the Expedition website. Some of these pre-made adventure campaigns are designed for group play online or in person, while many others can be tackled by a single player.

Single Player Tabletop RPGs – Alone Among the Stars

Tabletop RPG Single Player Alone Among The Stars

Alone among the stars is a solo sci-fi RPG published by game designer Takuma Okada on itch.io. Is a “diary game“about a lonely space traveler who explores the stars, encounters different worlds, and describes the sights he finds in his ship’s diary. To play Alone among the stars, players roll a six-sided die and then draw cards from a standard deck of 52 cards equal to the numbers rolled. Each card game corresponds to a discovery found on a new planet: diamonds for new forms of animal life, clubs for new forms of plant or fungal life, hearts for ancient ruins and rubble, and swords for natural phenomena and geological wonders. The player then writes short but detailed descriptions of the discoveries they have made in a journal, cataloging a list of fictional wonders until their character decides to turn around and go home.

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Single Player Board Role Playing Games – Map Maker Adventures

Tabletop RPG Single Player Map Maker Adventures

In Map Maker Adventures, an upcoming RPG recently funded in Kick starterOne to four players act as cartographers for the Imperial Expeditionary Force, tasked with exploring strange lands and dungeons on the empire’s frontier, slaying monsters, and most importantly creating intricate maps. The gameplay of this RPG dates back to early Dungeons and Dragons and games of the Old School Revival genre, with highly detailed character sheets, image mosaics that players can assemble into grid-based dungeons, and detailed adventure books containing monsters, bosses, quests, dungeons, and NPCs, players won’t need a Dungeon Master to interact with.

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