Due to the success of the DC Extended Universe due to the popularity of her version of Wonder Woman, the character has seen a huge increase in mainstream fans. Those who did not like comics have been interested in reading those related to the superhero, although there is a starting point for everything.

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Casual fans often make the mistake of looking at popular comic book themes or those that focus on intricate plots that will only make sense to readers who have followed comics for a long time. Because of this, it is worth knowing which stories about Wonder Woman are the friendliest for new readers and which will be the worst option.

10 Worst: Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and The Furies # 1 by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning explores an alternate version of the character

Wonder Woman and the Cropped Furies (1)

This is a story that will possibly be adapted to the DCEU Flash point, but it’s a bad choice to start with Wonder Woman’s own impression. That’s because the character here is an alternate version that looks nothing like the real Wonder Woman.

The theme shows his point of view in conquering the UK and renaming it New Themyscira. Follow Wonder Woman leading the Female Furies into battle as she mercilessly takes control, which isn’t exactly the best impression to get from the superhero, as the main version is more of a pacifist.

9 Best: All-Star Comics # 8 by William Moulton Marston Features First Appearance of Characters

All-Star Comics 8 cropped (1)

This is a comic that DCEU Wonder Woman fans should see too. It is the character’s first appearance, with the story investigating his origins and establishing his characterization, as well as the backdrop to Paradise Island.

It also features Steve Trevor as he ventures into the Amazons, with Wonder Woman participating in a competition to earn the right to accompany Steve back to the human world. No one can go wrong with this comic as it is the starting point for everything to come for Wonder Woman.

8 Worst: Gerry Conway’s Wonder Woman # 329 was meant to exist as a conclusion

Wonder Woman 329 Steve and Diana

This story sees Hades attempt one last push against Olympus, gathering the help of the Anti-Monitor and the undead Amazon to become part of his army. Wonder Woman and Steve team up and face their enemies one last time.

The problem was meant to be the last one for the character at the time, and it would end with a wedding between Diana and Steve as they settle down and await their happily ever after. With this story as a conclusion, new fans will have no idea what to make of it, as all the past conflicts will not have the proper context and there will be nowhere to go after reading the ending.

7 Best: Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Brian Azzarello’s Blood is another Origin story problem

Wonder Woman Vol. 1 blood

The New 52 reboot of the DC Universe brought many major changes to the series, this being Wonder Woman’s first adventure in this continuity. It’s another origin story for the character, this time the focus is on his ancestry.

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The first volume establishes the powers of Wonder Woman, her background with the Amazons and discovering her status as a daughter of Zeus and not having been born of clay as she thought. It is a different way of telling the old story, offering a new point of view.

6 Worst: Wonder Woman Vol. 2 # 51 by George Pérez requires prior knowledge about the Amazons

Wonder Woman Vol. 2 51 Cropped (1) (1)

The Amazons are accused of using their weapons and resources to kill people and steal artifacts, which are false accusations. However, this leads to Themyscira being attacked while Wonder Woman’s mother disappears.

New readers will have no clue about the Amazons to understand why they were so unfairly accused, and the story also features Steve Trevor as the one who attacks Themyscira, which will only further confuse readers. This is a story that works for those who have a deep understanding of the Amazons.

5 Best: Wonder Woman: Rebirth # 1 by Greg Rucka is a reboot issue

Wonder woman rebirth

While this is a heavy story that relies on older stories to keep things moving, it’s also something of a reboot since Wonder Woman is rebooted in this continuity. The story makes him realize that his memories may be lies, as what he remembers does not align with where he is.

The mystery of his status and what is happening serves as a great hook, as the eventual reveal of the new continuity is worth reading. Wonder Woman is also getting a new costume, refreshing things for her new adventures and bringing one up to date on what has happened so far.

4 Worst: Wonder Woman Vol. 3 # 1 by Allan Heinberg requires prior knowledge about Diana and her family

Wonder Woman Vol. 3 1

Diana doesn’t need to be the only Wonder Woman fans follow, not when her sister Donna Troy was also Wonder Woman for a time. This issue shows Donna taking the reins as a superhero, although Diana’s involvement is equally critical.

Diana uses her alias to investigate Donna’s kidnapping, with Cheetah, Doctor Psycho, and Giganta playing the role of the villains. The issue will show readers Diana’s inherent heroic nature, how Donna works as Wonder Woman, and will accustom them to the most recurring antagonists in the comic book series.

3 Best: Charles Soule’s Superman / Wonder Woman # 1 is the first issue of a new series

Superman Wonder Woman 1 Cover

Superman was added to the list of romances for Wonder Woman in this series, and the two were called a battle partner. The story has enough important characters to be important, as Doomsday is the main villain, while also establishing the superhero romance.

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As the first issue of the series, everything necessary to know this continuity is given from the beginning of the story in a surprisingly romantic comic that goes hand in hand with the action it involves.

two Worst: Dennis O’Neil’s Wonder Woman # 179 is a drama that will only appeal to longtime fans

Wonder Woman 179

Stories about Wonder Woman work best when she’s in her superhero persona and comes across as confident in her abilities. This problem does not do this, since she is in her alias Diana all the time and stops being Wonder Woman to stay in the human world.

With Amazon changing another dimension and Steve being wrongly convicted of a crime, the story is too melodramatic and awkward for new readers to have a good time without multiple questions arising after every few pages.

1 Best: Wonder Woman Vol. 2 # 7 by Len Wein and George Pérez explores the origin of Cheetah

Wonder Woman Vol. 2 7

Wonder Woman heals from her wounds from the battle against Ares, after which she seeks to return to the human world and is gifted with the Sandal of Hermes so that she can travel to and from Themyscira at will. Her return later catches the attention of Barbara Ann Minerva, who has a particular interest in Wonder Woman’s bond.

The cheetah adaptation in Wonder Woman 1984 has sparked a lot of interest in the character, with Barbara’s debut in print in this issue. Since she is Wonder Woman’s arch rival, new readers will do well learning about her origins and how the Wonder Woman and Cheetah rivalry is established.

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