Ubisoft’s popular video game franchise Far Cry gets a new limited comic book series that promises to delve into three of the best villains in games.

Ubisoft’s open world first-person shooter franchise Far away he’s about to make his first foray into comics. Noble Far Cry: Rite of Passage, Dark Horse Comics and Ubisoft are giving fans a deeper look at the franchise’s infamous villains in a three-issue miniseries that will be released in May.

Written by Brian Edward Hill, illustrated by Geraldo Borges, colored by Michael Atiyeh and tagged by Comicraft with covers by Matt Taylor, Far Cry: Rite of Passage “It’s a brave tale of the intricate path that leads to the rise of power,” and will tell “warning stories” of three previous villains in the franchise, namely Far cry 3the psychopathic pirate Vass Montenegro, Far Cry 4the brutal dictator Pagan Min, and Far cry 5Cult leading preacher Joseph Seed.

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Structured around the next Far Cry 6 The villain Anton Castillo as he shares these stories with his son Diego to instill some “important leadership lessons” in his 13 years.th birthday, this limited series will not only explore the “downfall” of these iconic villains, but will undoubtedly give fans more information about who these people were and why they were worthy of being the Big Bads of their respective games, as well as become the favorite characters of the fans in the first place.

Vass Far Cry Comic

In the ad, Marie-Joelle Paquin, Product Manager at Far away keep saying, “Through the incredible work of Bryan and Geraldo, we will get a fresh look at the dark past of our beloved villains. We can’t wait for everyone to fall into this den with us.This is a tempting choice of words for a fanbase that often loves the villains of this franchise more than the heroes they play as themselves.

Pagan Min Far Cry Comic

But beyond the promised depths in the minds of these truly evil men, the series will certainly help bring fans closer to the opening moments of the long-awaited, but overdue.Far Cry 6. The fact that Ubisoft and the creative team behind these stories thought it necessary to include Castillo and his son in the series should be a huge indicator to fans that this might be a more required read than anything else.

Far away is one of the few video game series that has always deserved a comic, and now fans can get excited about what awaits their favorite villains and how it all ties into the next. Far Cry 6. The first number of Far Cry: Rite of Passage will be available in comic book stores on May 19, 2021.

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