Fortnite leakers on Twitter discover an active Street Fighter portal on the island. Fans believe that Ryu and Chun Li’s masks may arrive soon.

Street Fighter comes to Fortnite. Leaks on Twitter have revealed a new portal on the Fortnite island that seems to lead to the Street Fighter kingdom, plus an arcade-inspired audio teaser. Fans suspect that Epic Games will soon announce skins inspired by Capcom’s retro fighting series.

Fortnite Season 5 has been full of TV, movie, and video game crossovers. In the season 4 finale, a battle with the evil villain Galactus, Destroyer of Worlds left a hole in the center of reality. Players were tasked with defending Zero Point in Season 5, with the help of some famous bounty hunters. Throughout the season, characters from other dimensions such as Star Wars‘The Mandalorian and God of WarThe Kratos have entered the island in the form of special skins for players to use. These crosses are usually marked by “hunter portals” that open on the island before Epic Games officially reveals the news.

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Players are still waiting for Epic Games to confirm the news, but all signs point to a new one. Street Fighter crossover coming soon. Fortnite filter Lucas7yoshi shared a video of the active portal on the island on Twitter. In the clip, the player could be seen approaching a light purple door to another realm. Street Fighter Fans recognized that on the other side of the portal was the popular Dojo Rooftop fight stage.

Other filter ChinaBR, shared the image of the portal along with a mysterious music teaser. Fans in the responses guessed that the audio was a distorted version of Ryu’s theme song, one of the originals. Street Fighter 1987 characters. Not confirmed Street Fighter the characters will receive Fortnite skins, but Shiina guessed that the game will host male Ryu and female Chun Li.

There are many Street Fighter characters that fans would like to see in Fortnite, but Ryu and Chun Li would make more sense. Ryu has been in the series since the beginning, which makes him one of the most recognizable characters. Chun Li was also the first playable female in a series of fights, so her introduction in 1991 Street Fighter II: The World Warrior it was a big problem. In addition, both characters appeared on the cover of the most recent Capcom. Street Fighter delivery, Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, in 2016.

Fortnite Season 5 is scheduled to end in mid-March, but there’s still plenty in store for the next few weeks. In addition to Street Fighter crossover, recent datamine leaks uncovered signs of a crossover with Disney’s Tron franchise, so fans can expect to see that soon. In addition, there is talk of something big on the way for him Fortnite End of season 5.

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Source: Lucas7yoshi / Twitter, ChinaBR / Twitter

Image source: Twitch_er45t / Twitter

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