Aside from the main places in Stars Hollow like the Gilmore girl’s house, Luke’s dinner, and the Dragonfly Inn, Richard and Emily’s house is Gilmore Girls’ most important location. Almost all episodes feature the house in at least one scene, usually during Friday night dinners. It’s also important to the plot, as it represents everything that Lorelai escaped and that Rory really seems to enjoy.

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It is well known that the Gilmores are quite wealthy, but there is more than one inconsistency when it comes to their lifestyles, and that includes their home. While none of these disparities are particularly dire or completely illogical, they are noteworthy, especially for eagle-eyed fans who have watched the series more than once.

10 The fountain in front

Richard and Emily Gilmore's house entrance

At times, there appears to be a small fountain at the entrance to Gilmore’s house. It’s small and hidden behind tall bushes, and it’s hard to see if it works. It certainly must be, because it’s Emily Gilmore’s home, after all, but it’s not always clear.

It is also strange that the font seems to disappear from time to time. The entrance to Gilmore House seems to change constantly, unlike the interior. Perhaps the fountain moves from one place to another? It seems highly unlikely, but it could be a possible explanation.

9 It’s obviously a set

Backyard of Richard and Emily Gilmore's house

On some occasions, particularly when the camera is focused on the driveway or backyard, it is painfully obvious that this is not a real house, but a television. It mainly has to do with the plants, which look very artificial, but it is also clear due to the very vague background that seems to indicate that there are no other houses around.

Gilmore Girls was known to be filmed almost exclusively inside the Warner Bros. studio and, to be fair, the interior of the house looked like real property. The exterior, however, did not always look the same.

8 They only use a garden

Emily Gilmore in her garden

Gilmore House is said to have two garden areas. The smallest is right next to the living room, and the largest surrounds the pool at the back of the house. However, Emily almost always wears the former despite space limitations.

In fact, the backyard is never shown, except for the times Rory and Richard lived in the pool house and the camera went to the back of the house. However, even then, only a few patches of grass are shown instead of the actual garden.

7 They never use the pool

Paris and Rory chatting at the pool house

Speaking of the pool, what’s the point of having one if it’s never used? Before Richard moved into the pool house, there is no clear indication that the Gilmores have a pool. They certainly never use it, and if they do, it is never shown within the series.

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Instead, it seems to be the kind of thing that wealthy people find necessary despite the apparent lack of practicality. Until Rory moves into the pool house, the Gilmores never pay attention to it and see it primarily as something that came with the house rather than a place of real value.

6 12 ways to get out of the house

Lorelai and emily - gilmore girls revival

At some point in the series, Lorelai claims that there are twelve ways to escape from her parents’ home. She knows them all, of course, but they are still ignorant. Lorelai always tended to exaggerate things, so twelve may be just a number that she uses to add a little spice to her story.

If there are twelve secret ways to get out of the house, and considering the fact that none of them could get out of windows or doors, as there is plenty of outdoor space around the property, then Lorelai’s escape routes should be truly ingenious, like the attic or basement.

5 It’s bigger than it seems

Richard Gilmore in his basement

In addition to the aforementioned backyard that is rarely seen, the Gilmore house also has a vast basement, famously where Emily keeps all of Trix’s gifts, with areas for storing wine, wrapping gifts, and planting plants.

The house also has at least three bedrooms, one of which, the main one, has a very spacious dressing room. It apparently has three floors, not counting the basement, although the third may be just the attic. Still, the house is much larger than what the series shows.

4 Why is there always only one maid?

With so much space, it’s hard to believe the Gilmores only hire one maid at a time. After all, caring for a home like this would require more than just two hands. It would take a whole staff, including a pool cleaner, a gardener, a cook, and a couple of maids to clean the rooms.

It is perhaps easy to assume that Emily likes only one person to take care of everything so that she can better keep an eye on the poor soul. In fact, her maids almost always cook, but maintaining all outdoor areas is an entirely different story.

3 Location, location, location

Gilmore Mansion

The Gilmores live in Hartford, Connecticut, just minutes from Chilton and about half an hour from Stars Hollow. While Hartford is indeed a prosperous city, it is not the most exclusive in Connecticut, making it an odd choice for the elegant and extremely conservative Gilmores.

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One possible explanation could be that the house was purchased sometime during the real estate boom of the 1960s when the city was much more prestigious. In one episode, Richard mentions that the house was built in 1907 by a Stanford White student, making it a valuable antique.

two Is always static

Inside Richard and Emily's mansion

Gilmore Girls is characterized by how fast it is. From dialogue to camera movements, everything in girls’ lives is fast and dynamic. However, things are noticeably different in the house of the older Gilmores. The camera is always static to show how stiff and calm the lives of Richard and Emily are.

In fact, throughout the show, almost nothing changes in the decoration of the mansion. It is not until A year in the life that Emily decides to change the decoration of her house, just when she begins to see life with new eyes. Before, however, she was rigidly fixed in her ways.

1 Switch mid-series

Richard and Emly's house from season 1

It is common for the pilot episode of any series to look quite different from the rest of the show. Gilmore Girls is no exception, and there are many things that change from the first episode to the second, most obviously Luke’s Dinner and parts of Stars Hollow.

The Gilmore mansion, however, is completely different as of the second season. The Pilot episode was filmed in a real home in Toronto, which was then recreated inside a studio for the remainder of the season. Starting with the second season, and thanks to an increase in the show’s budget, Richard and Emily’s house underwent a drastic change. It got much bigger, better lit, and more luxurious looking.

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