John Carpenter once directed a short for fans called Gorgo Vs. Godzilla, but this is why the legendary director will never allow the film to be seen.

A young John Carpenter made a movie for fans called Gorgo Vs Godzilla that will never be seen. John Carpenter made his directorial debut with 1974 Black Star, a film that started as a student short before expanding into a feature film. Despite the small budget and amateur performances, the film remains wildly imaginative and hilarious and is now a cult classic. While Carpenter has dabbled in other genres, he is more closely associated with horror.

He also ran one of the greatest creature features of all time with The thing, his 1982 remake of a 1950s sci-fi classic. The thing features one of the movie’s great monsters, which is an alien shapeshifter who can take the form of any living being he imitates. Despite being hailed as a classic now, the film received a cold critical and financial reception upon its release. Carpenter’s love for monsters and creatures is still evident in his later work as well, from the title of the killing car of Christine to the lovecraftian beasts glimpsed In the mouth of madness.

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John Carpenter’s love of movies was cemented during childhood by watching favorite B movies like The thing from another world or Forbidden planet. He is also a huge Godzilla fan and has seen every entry in the franchise. Carpenter started making movies at a young age and used an 8mm camera to make shorts with titles like Revenge of the colossal beasts, Terror from space Y Gorgo vs. Godzilla.

Gorgo is the title monster of the 1961 film of the same name, and the beast is a thinly veiled scam of Godzilla. Sadly, very little is known about John Carpenter Gorgo vs. Godzilla, and in Gilles Boulenger’s book John Carpenter: the prince of darkness since 2003 the director himself commented on his first works “No one will see those movies, they are devastatingly bad.. “Not even the year Gorgo vs. Godzilla it can be confirmed, because while IMDb may include it in 1969, it was probably done years before then, as Carpenter was studying at USC during this time.

Of course, the somewhat mystical quality of Gorgo Vs Godzilla it’s only made John Carpenter fans want him even more. Even if the director still has a personal copy, it is doubtful he will allow any of those old shorts to be seen. While Carpenter admitted to being somewhat proud of the shorts Gorgon the space monster Y Warrior and devilIt also considers them amateur efforts not suitable for public consumption. It would be nice to see it resurface before the release of Godzilla Vs Kong, but that somehow feels like an illusion.

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