Miranda Bailey is one of Grey’s Anatomy’s characters who have gone through the biggest transformations on the show. In the early seasons, Dr. Bailey started out as a sassy, ​​extremely confident yet caring boss. But she has changed and revealed other aspects of herself that not all fans liked. As his position at the hospital grew, so did some of his outlandish decisions.

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However, he has been revealing more sensitive parts of his character and has let his guard down by expressing his emotions more than at first. Most fans still deeply identify with Miranda, as she has maintained a good balance in displaying her best and worst traits.

10 “He was my favorite.”

It’s no secret that Miranda loved George O’Malley like a son. When he died abruptly, she was overwhelmed and even vowed to stop caring so much about people. Bailey felt that he had made a terrible mistake trying to save a woman’s life the way he did. While in surgery with Meredith, she later confessed that O’Malley had been her favorite intern, something viewers could tell she was struggling to admit.

George was a very nice character and his relationship with Miranda was, indeed, special. No one will ever forget the scene where he sits behind Bailey when she was about to give birth and supports her throughout the entire process.

9 “Make the call right now or I swear to God I’ll cut your throat!”

Grey's Anatomy Bailey in The Girl With No Name

In season 8, episode 20 of “The Girl With No Name”, Bailey was the protagonist of a very emotional scene. When he briefly loses sight of Tucker inside the hospital, he panics when a nurse can’t tell him where he is. Then when the nurse refused to heed Miranda’s request to call “code pink” within the area because there was a necessary protocol for that, Derek stepped in and authorized the nurse to go ahead anyway.

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In the end everything goes well, as Tucker returns to the room with another nurse after having gone to the bathroom because of a nosebleed. However, Miranda’s screams at the nurse, which included the above quote, remain unforgettable.

8 “The elevators are not working. The elevators are not working!”

Grey's Anatomy - Season 6 Finale - Close Up of Bailey

In the season 6 finale, fans witnessed one of the most harrowing episodes ever. The notorious shooter who injured multiple people, including Charles Percy, caused onlookers to cower behind his hands. Even though the entire episode is full of suspense and anxiety with each character, one of the most memorable scenes is the emotional one in which Bailey tries to save Percy’s life by dragging him into an operating room.

When she realized that the elevators were not working, she screamed this quote out and the audience felt for her as they watched her collapse in despair. Finally, Miranda came to terms that Percy was, in fact, dying and therefore sits desperately by his side until her last moments.

7 “Because I need something more. I know you all have your messy love lives and your secrets and your stupidity, but I want more. I need something to hold on to …”

Bailey from Grey's Anatomy in the season 3 finale.

He went on to say, “I need a reason to believe that medicine can do more than sew and send you away. I need to believe that medicine can not only save lives, but also change lives! I need … I need … I need to believe in something. The way I used to believe in all of you. Sign the papers! “

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This emotional speech from Bailey came during season 3 at a time when she really fought for a free clinic. She showed fans how kind and passionate this woman was and how she believed medicine was so much more than just a means of temporarily “fixing” people.

6 “I’m losing you … and Gray … Hunt, Karev … But I did well. But this … this … I’m not okay!”

Miranda’s emotional stamina is admirable. In this scene from season 16, when she says the quote above and breaks down in front of Richard Webber, most people must have just wanted to hug her. Brave Bailey had just learned that she would lose her baby the same day that she had to perform several surgeries that saved some of her medical staff. His resistance was such that, although he didn’t have time to process his personal pain, he managed to work until everyone was safe.

His emotional speech showed how he felt it was ironic that he had accomplished all of that, aside from not having his favorite doctors anymore, but was unable to save his own baby. Richard held her as she sobbed at the loss of her unborn child.

5 “I’m scared.”

Bailey from Grey's Anatomy

Today, Dr. Bailey’s impact on the show is such that many consider her to be the main character rather than Meredith. Its relevance and screen time seem to increase. And it is with Richard that this character tends to expose his truest and most difficult emotions, as fans know they have the strongest bond of all in the world. Grey’s Anatomy universe.

In the most recent season, there is an episode where Bailey loses her mother to COVID and is having a hard time saying goodbye. She gets emotional and confesses that she is afraid, to which Richard responds, “I know. We will do it together.”

4 “But at the end of the day, the fact that we introduce ourselves to each other, despite our differences, no matter what we believe, is reason enough to keep believing.”

Bailey from Grey's Anatomy in season 4

Miranda said these inspiring words in a scene during season 4. Quotes like this, filled with deep wisdom and compassion for others, can also be felt in a very emotional way.

And while Bailey has always been known for being a down to earth person, “straight to the point” and loves being right at the end of every conversation, fans love it when she is empathetic and passionate at times like this.

3 “I’m busy holding on with tape and glue.”

Season 7 Bailey Grey's Anatomy

Like many medical professionals, Bailey has cracks in her armor, but sometimes she barely manages to hold it all together. During season 7, she says the words above and they strike the hearts of all die-hard fans.

Miranda confessed to Ben that that day 18 people were shot, 11 were killed and one in his arms. So she couldn’t be sweet and understanding with him because, as she says, she had had too much to drink that day. Miranda may be a tough cookie, but her softer side is still the main reason she remains attractive to the vast majority of viewers.

two “More than I can hold in my heart.”

Talk about the sweetest, most solid couple in this entire TV series: Ben and Bailey have consistently shown that their love is the strongest and that they can face, together, any obstacle that comes their way.

During season 9, episode 10 of “Things We Said Today”, Ben openly asked Bailey if she loved him, to which she responded to the sweet and emotional quote above. Everyone fell in love with these two right after this moment, as these were Bailey’s most romantic words to date.

1 “No one should question her license. She is too good at what she does.”

In addition to being extremely principled, Miranda is ambitious, and that only became more apparent when she had to make really tough decisions as the Chief of Surgery. During season 16, when Gray was fired and in danger of losing her medical license, everyone saw how Bailey felt betrayed by her protégé.

An article written by Meredith hit the media and damaged the image of Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. Even though she and Meredith were going through their lowest time together, eventually Miranda was able to forgive her when she defended her at her hearing. While giving a speech on the qualities of Dr. Gray, he said the above quote while trying to hold back tears. His powerful and emotional words not only gave fans chills, but were the deciding factor in Meredith winning the case.

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