As the Guardians of the Galaxy prepare to take on the Greek Pantheon, it is casually revealed that Star-Lord has another potentially crucial ability.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy # 11 by Al Ewing, Juann Cabal, Federico Blee, and Cory Petit from VC, on sale now.

Star-Lord has recently been elevated into the Marvel Universe after finally embracing the full potential bestowed upon him years ago. This even extends beyond his impressive physical powers, and the hero now apparently has immunity to one of Marvel’s most dangerous powers.

In addition to all of his recently unlocked powers, Guardians of the Galaxy # 11 reveals that Star-Lord has an additional ability: a natural resistance to telepathy. This power could make him a key player in future battles against telepaths.

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Star-Lord has seen a major power surge in the Guardians of the Galaxy series that is currently running. After stealing the power of the reborn Greek Pantheon and accidentally ending up estranged from this dimension, Star-Lord has returned with a new understanding of his power and place in the universe, effectively becoming the new Master of the Sun. He is even powerful enough. as if to hold off someone as dangerous as the dark god Knull, a villain who has thus far taken on the strongest and toughest Marvel heroes with relative ease. Now, it is clear that the power to repel psychic attacks has also been granted to the hero.

As the Guardians wait for the Greek Pantheon to find them in the remote ruins of Daedalus 5, Moondragon uses her powers to probe the minds of Star-Lord and Gamora to make sure they are prepared for the next fight. Moondragon is able to see Gamora’s mind and tell how focused she is, but admits that Peter is much more difficult. From his psychic perspective, Peter is a beacon of bright light. In fact, Moondragon compares reading your mind to looking directly at the sun. This prevents her from having a chance to read his mind, suggesting that Star-Lord might have a new innate resistance to telepaths.

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Star-Lord from Guaridans of the Galaxy

It’s an interesting change for the character, making him a key potential player against powerful psychics, who are some of the most powerful and deadly characters in the Marvel universe. Considering the power of people like Jean Gray and Quinten Quire, whose telepathy has turned them into players on a cosmic scale in the past, this could give the Guardians of the Galaxy the ultimate counterattack for any telepathic opponent. Star-Lord, being impervious to telepathy, could allow him to be the ultimate secret keeper of people like Oracle or even potentially someone as powerful as Adam Warlock. With the galaxy still in a period of change following the events of Empyre, this perk could help you keep powerful secrets hidden from your enemies.

This natural resistance could have helped Star-Lord repel Knull so effectively, with his own powers countering the influence Knull uses against others. If Star-Lord is able to naturally repel the likes of Moondragon, who received his own massive power surge last year, then he could prove to be the ultimate complement to any telepath in the galaxy. There’s only a question of whether this is a permanent evolution of his own abilities or if this is a by-product of the stolen power of the Greek Pantheon, which, if removed from Quill, could result in him losing this perk.

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