Xie Lian and Hua Cheng’s romantic relationship takes a big step forward in the special episode of Heaven Official’s Blessing.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the special episode of Heaven’s Officer Blessing, now streaming on Funimation.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day Heaven’s Officer Blessing released a sweetly domestic special episode, showing the aftermath of the Hua Cheng / San Lang reveal that we thought we’d be waiting months to see. The two share a heartfelt conversation with Hua Cheng making an important promise to Xie Lian for the next time they meet. However, in the most mysterious way of the Ghost King, Hua Cheng gives Xie Lian a gift before disappearing without any explanation.

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One night at the sanctuary

officials of heaven blessing hua cheng smile

The two return home, where Hua Cheng calls Xie Lian “Your Highness” for the first time. Xie Lian has been called by that title before, but it was the first time it was said in such a tender way. As they talk, Xie Lian asks Hua Cheng why he was there to pick him up at the wedding sedan. Hua Cheng offers two different reasons: he went there specifically to see Xie Lian or he just had a lot of free time. Which one sounded more plausible?

Xie Lian ignores Hua Cheng’s flirtation and points out that they have been together for quite some time and surprisingly, Hua Cheng doesn’t seem in a rush to leave, which is strange. Don’t you have things to do since you are the Ghost King? With a relaxed arrogance, Hua Cheng tells him that no one would dare to order him around.

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Hua Cheng’s Insecurities

There is a moment when Xie Lian realizes that he is not looking at Hua Cheng’s true form, even clutching his face to check before asking if he can one day see his actual appearance. Hua Cheng’s confidence begins to break as he wonders if his natural form was horrible, then would Xie Lian still want to see him? However, Xie Lian does not care, he is still Hua Cheng, no matter what form he takes. It’s a little shocking for Hua Cheng to hear it, and he can’t help but turn around, his shoulders shaking. Although initially horrified, it might have made the Ghost King cry, Xie Lian leans closer only to realize that he is actually laughing.

When the two of them settle into bed, Hua Cheng turns to face Xie Lian’s back, an echo of the first time they slept together, but this time, Hua Cheng is brave enough to face him. Still, he is not confident enough to touch Xie Lian despite wanting to do so, feeling that there is still an invisible barrier between them.

The impact of Xie Lian’s words

officials of heaven blessing xie lian speaking

During the events of 200 years ago, Xie Lian once told Banyue that his dream was to save the world, words that he is ashamed to hear now, considering that he is a fallen god. Hearing, Hua Cheng shows a strange expression on his face and gently tells Xie Lian that while it may seem silly, it takes a considerable amount of courage to say it. Xie Lian’s surprised expression turns into a genuine smile. Xie Lian probably heard many people admonishing him for such an impossible dream in his youth, but this might be the first time he has ever heard someone defend his choices.

Before Xie Lian met Banyue, he encountered another boy who no longer knew his life purpose. While it sounds ridiculous to him now, and since then he has had 800 years to accept his idealism, he told the boy to make Xie Lian his reason for living. The seemingly isolated incident will come into play later, revealing a surprising connection.

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Hua Cheng gives a ring to Xie Lian

heaven officials blessing ring

When Xie Lian wakes up the next day, he discovers that Hua Cheng has left, leaving only a silver ring dangling from a necklace. The episode ends with a short recap, including the ghost bride encounter, the fight against Pei Xiu and Hua Cheng painting Xie Lian’s portrait, but this time with Hua Cheng in his real form, eye patch and all.

With the numerous parallels in the end credits between Hua Cheng and Xie Lian, we can conclude that the child Xie Lian saved was Hua Cheng when he was human. Instead of the helpless child that he was before, Hua Cheng is now strong enough to protect Xie Lian. Still, we don’t really know the meaning of the ring or why Hua Cheng left it without directly giving it to her, but it symbolizes a great step in Hua Cheng and Xie Lian’s romantic relationship.

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