There have been a plethora of phenomenal sitcoms and single-camera comedies thus far throughout the 21st century, since the end of the phenomenon that is Friends, to the massively underrated Scrubs, to sensations like The office. Few are as successful, as popular, or as viewed by their fans as How i met your mother. That’s even the case with a mixed bag from a final season.

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The show’s main characters are a big part of what has made it so beloved over the years, and each of them has their fair share of iconic quotes throughout the nine seasons. That includes his first line in season one to his last in the show’s controversial finale.

7 Ted’s kids

Luke: “Are we being punished for something?” – “Call her!” / Penny: “Yeah, is this going to take a while?” – “Great!”

Ted’s children are the ones who are subject to Ted’s long story of how he met his mother, and the two appear in many episodes while listening to their father.

Each of the two of the first words comes after Ted explains to them that he is about to tell them a story at the beginning of the first episode, and it’s fair to say that they weren’t overly excited, which is understandable since he told the story during nine years. . His last lines come to the end of the finale as they are having his father call Robin and ask her out, with Ted tentatively agreeing and the controversial, if not hated, final moments from the series finale follow.

6 Tracy McConnell

Screenshot from How I Met Your Mother Tracy Series Finale

“A ticket to Farhampton, please.” – “Hello.”

The mother in question was speculated and anticipated for so long on the show before finally being properly revealed in the eighth season finale “Something New.”

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His first appearance, played by Cristin Milioti, is very brief as he closes the eighth season by buying his train ticket to the place where he would meet Ted and the gang, Farhampton, the place of Barney and Robin’s wedding. His finish line comes to the end and he finishes off a back and forth with Ted, who sees the two get along and form an instant connection. That sweet moment is affected by the nature of the ending and the fact that she sadly passes away, making way for Ted and Robin to rekindle their romance.

5 Lily aldrin

Screenshot from How I Met Your Mother Lily Marshall Season Nine Finale

“Ugh, I’m exhausted. It was finger painting day at school and a five-year-old boy came to second base with me!” – “It was a long and difficult road. Thank God we finally got here.”

The mother of the group, and a character with an incredibly kind and caring demeanor who hides a scary and manipulative side, is Lily Aldrin, a constant throughout the show, absent only for a short time when she and Marshall were on hiatus.

Like everyone on the list except Tracy, Lily’s first line comes in the first episode when she comes home from work and announces to Marshall what happened that day. It is the signature comedy for which she became known and describes her career. Lily’s last words are much more emotional in the ending, as she talks to the gang at MacLarens for the last time, while teary-eyed toasting her friends.

4 Marshall eriksen

Lily and Marshall in How I Met Your Mother

“Will you marry me?” – “Just … All kinds of things.”

Lily’s longtime love, Marshall, is probably the strongest and most likable member of the gang throughout all nine seasons and provides plenty of brilliance and humor throughout the years.

Marshall’s first proposal is not directed at Lily, but at his best friend Ted as he plans and prepares to propose to Lily later in the episode, a fitting opening joke for the couple. Like Lily, Marshall’s last line is much more emotional in the final gang reunion. He comes into MacLarens when he turns to the youth table behind them, asking if they know what happened at that bar, a special place for the gang and fans of the show.

3 Robin scherbatsky

Screenshot of How I Met Your Mother Final from Robin series talking to television

“Let me guess, Ted?” – “Television dis … oh for the love of Pete.”

Barney’s ex-wife and long-term love interest, Ted’s obsession and Lily’s best friend Robin Scherbatsky was a crucial part of How I met your mother. She was also a controversial part, not because of her, but simply because of the nature of the ending in which it is revealed that the entire show was a tactic for Ted and Robin to reunite once more.

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Robin’s introduction to the pilot went hand in hand with the iconic “Do you know Ted?” game, with Barney hitting Robin with this line and introducing the two for the first time, leading to nine years of obsession, friendship, love, and controversy. Robin says nothing in the final moments when Ted holds the blue French horn for him; However, she speaks just before the show’s last words with her 2030 technology without understanding her voice commands, prompting her to go to the window and see Ted, similar to the beginning of their romance.

two Barney Stinson

Screenshot from How I Met Your Mother Barney Season Nine Finale

“Hey, you know I’ve always had a thing for half-Asian girls?” – “Dad’s house.”

There is no question that Barney Stinson is the most iconic character to come out of the show, loved by fans, with a lot of growth and fun moments woven into some fantastic stories. However, her first line of the show is racially insensitive to Lebanese women and reveals just how far she has to go in terms of character evolution.

As for his last, aside from a “Here, here!” From the gang as a whole, Barney’s last line comes in a conversation with Robin as he talks about his daughter, and says another iconic line. This time, however, it has a very different meaning, as Barney seems to have gone from his self-absorbed playboy form, completely focused on his love for his daughter.

1 Ted mosby

“Children, I am going to tell you an incredible story, the story of how I met your mother.” – “Or …”

Ted Mosby is one of the most controversial lead characters in sitcom history, and many of the show’s fans hate him incredibly for his lack of development, his role in the ending, and for being a bad person in general at times. .

However, he is the main character of the show, and his first line comes in the opening moments of the first episode, voiced by Major Ted. [Bob Saget] telling your children to prepare for the long journey ahead. His last line is also from the future Ted (this time as Josh Radnor) when his children try to convince him to call Robin, something about which he doubts a bit. As is typical of Ted, he decides not to call her and instead goes to her apartment with the famous blue horn.

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