Even though the WandaVision hex keeps the army out, Monica manages to break it without help, but how does she do it?

WandaVision Episode 7 shows Monica accomplishing something previously thought impossible by breaking the hex barrier to return to Westview, but how does she accomplish this? Though WandaVision It doesn’t provide a great deal of detail on what exactly the Hex is or does, there are elements that have been developed on purpose. Most importantly, it has been made clear that Monica is one of the few people who have been able to break through the barrier in the first place, as episode 4 reveals that she entered the hex after the events that initially created her.

This may make it all the more surprising that she is able to return once again to the hex just three episodes later, even though it’s clear this time the hex is trying to stop her from breaking through. While Commander Goodner initially gives Monica a SWORD vehicle to enter, this vehicle gets stuck in the hex, forcing Monica to get rid of it and break through the barrier herself.

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Because, unlike the SWORD machine, Monica has already been to Westview, and WandaVision Episode 6 established that traveling through the hex twice had changed his genetic makeup, rewriting the energy within his cells with each step. Although Darcy, who explains this to Monica, is understandably concerned about the effect a third trip might have, it appears to be this exact molecular shift that allows her to break through the barrier to Westview. While it is this final transformation that allows Monica’s altered DNA to finally turn into something akin to superpowers, as the blue glow her eyes acquire reappears when she resists Wanda’s powers in their confrontation, it is clear that the Hex had already started to change her on an integral level. prior to this, possibly to ensure that only those who were brought to Westview could enter the venue.

WandaVision Monica Rambeau Spectrum

However, it appears that it wasn’t just this physical change that allowed Monica to break through the barrier into the city. After initially breaking through the outer barrier of the hex, Monica appears to get trapped within it, struggling through an area similar to static. Only after remembering the struggles he’s been through, and being told by Captain Marvel once that his now-dead mother was lucky to have such a tough kid, can he fight through this part of the hex and enter Westview. . Although Monica’s altered DNA appears to have been what helped her overcome the first barricade, it seems that her determination and guts were just as important in preventing her from getting caught in the hex, as without this willpower it seems she could have been trapped. there. .

Though not set in stone yet, WandaVision seeks to tell the story of how Monica became a true MCU superhero, even if her current relationship with SWORD may ultimately mean that she does not become a government sanctioned one. Given the WandaVision is playing with so many other storylines vital to the franchise, it’s undeniably impressive to see that an origin story seems to be intertwined with them.

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