The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD will be released later this year on Switch, but it will have some notable differences from the Wii version.

Thanks to the latest Nintendo Direct, fans now know that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD It will be released later this year. The long-awaited remaster of Nintendo Switch will have quite a few differences and improvements over the original Wii version. Here’s everything fans need to know.

TO Sword to the sky remaster on Switch had long been rumored, but an official Sword to Heaven HD The trailer was only recently revealed in the February Nintendo Direct. It reaffirmed fans’ hopes that the game, which originally debuted on Wii in 2011, will finally get an HD update on Switch. Because of this, Sword to Heaven HD it will run at 60fps and resolution up to 1080p. This is a huge upgrade from the 30fps and 480p resolution of the Wii version, and it’s one of the first notable differences.

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Of course, the differences between the Switch and Wii version of Sword to the sky they are not just cosmetics. Sword to Heaven HD will also have amiibo support, allowing players to take advantage of all the Zelda amiibo out there. Amiibo were introduced in 2014, so they didn’t exist when the original Sword to the sky debuted in 2011. So far, Nintendo hasn’t announced what kind of features the amiibo will have in Sword to Heaven HD, or if the game will get any unique amiibo for launch. However, fans should know more as the game nears its release date.

How the Skyward Sword controls are different on Switch than on Wii

One of the biggest differences in Sword to Heaven HD will be the controls. Fans commonly complained about the way the Wii motion controls were required to play the original game. Before an officer Sword to the sky Even the remastering announcement was made, people were wondering how the game would work on Nintendo Switch.

Fortunately, fans now have their answer. The motion controls on the Switch can still be used to make the Joy-Cons function similar to how the Wii remote and nunchuck worked in the original game. Nevertheless, Sword to Heaven HD Change the way controls work on Nintendo Switch by making motion controls optional. This is great news for anyone annoyed by the Wii version’s motion controls, and it means that gamers with a Switch Lite (or who prefer to play the Switch in handheld mode) won’t have to worry about using motion controls either. .

In general, changes between Sword to the sky on Switch and Wii they are really nice. Graphics updates and amiibo support are great, but making motion controls optional is the clear winner in terms of changes. There’s a lot for fans to get excited about when The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD releases this summer.

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