Google Maps is introducing features for users to pay for parking and public transportation fees, making getting around easier and more seamless.

Google is introducing new features in its Maps app that will allow users to pay for street parking and public transportation fees. The new tools are being introduced in collaboration with Google Pay. Its goal is to help users move more easily and smoothly.

Google Maps has been acquiring new features and enhancements at a fairly recent rate. Recent additions include bike share docking station locations, a new community feed to help users find recommendations from local experts on activities, shops and restaurants, and information on local COVID restrictions. 19 and overcrowding. The street-level detail of mapping in certain cities has also increased lately.

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in a blog post, Vishal Dutta, Product Manager for Google Maps, and Fausto Araujo, Product Manager for Google Pay, explained that the new ‘Pay for Parking’ feature began rolling out on February 17, initially on Android, but iOS will also have it. It will be available in more than 400 cities in the United States, including Boston, Cincinnati, Houston, Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC. Meanwhile, the ability to pay public transport fares will be expanded to 80 transport agencies around the world in the coming weeks for Android users.

Google Maps: How to pay for parking and transportation

Screenshots of the Pay for Parking feature of Google Maps

The Pay for Parking feature is offered in partnership with the parking providers Passport and ParkMobile. When a user approaches a destination where a partner provider offers parking, a message will appear in their Google Maps application. By tapping the ‘Pay for Parking’ button, they will be able to enter the number of a parking meter and the amount of time they wish to stay. If they need to extend the time while they are away from their vehicle, they can also do so through the app. In addition to making paying for parking more convenient, this also eliminates the need to touch a parking meter, which is of course useful at this time when cities are trying to stop the spread of COVID-19.

To pay public transport fares with Google Maps, users only need to enter their required route in the app as they would if they were looking for directions. If Google’s partner transport agencies are operating on the route, the user will be offered the option to pay for the trip through their Google Pay account. With a purchased fare, the user can show their digital ticket when requested or touch it on a ticket reader.

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