Mitski wrote the score for This is Where We Fall by Z2 Comics, a new science fiction graphic novel about a desert life in the desert.

Indie rock superstar Mythical is making its first foray into the world of comics with an original musical score created for a sci-fi graphic novel released by Z2 Comics. Entitled This is where we fall, the graphic novel is completed by a creative team composed of the writer Chris Miskiewicz (Grateful Dead: Origins) and artist Vincent Kings (Wynter). In collaboration with the Dead Oceans music label, This is where we fall It is scheduled to hit stores in March 2021.

According to a press release, the story of This is where we fall is described as “an action-packed, groundbreaking science fiction series depicting an afterlife that is defined by the way it died, and not by the merit of the life it lived.” At just over a hundred pages long, the story will provide ample opportunity for both science fiction readers and Mitski fans to delve into an immersive new world with landscapes straight out of a Western movie.

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Z2 Comics focuses exclusively on bringing music and comics together, with artists like Machine Gun Kelly and Gorillaz collaborating with them on graphic novels. Speaking about the dual nature of Z2’s work in a press release, editor Josh Frankel said: “A project and partnership like this is the perfect marriage of a visual art form like comics and music … of Mitski’s music will not only get something new from one of his favorite artists, but a complementary piece that completes the experience. Comic book readers will find an original work of science fiction by the best creators that is enriched by the music that accompanies it “.

Known for her soulful lyrics and powerfully raw live performances, Mitski is one of the most unique voices in indie rock today. He has garnered much critical acclaim for songs like “Nobody” from his 2018 album, Be the cowboy. As the Z2 press release states, the soundtrack of This is where we fall will be his first release since Be the cowboy, giving fans something to look forward to.

In a press release, Mitski revealed that the graphic novel provided him with an opportunity to expand his process as a musician. It was akin to creating a [film] “score, but without the signs of working with a moving image”. The process was “both liberating and challenging,” and will no doubt contribute to a unique reading experience for the graphic novel.

This is where we fall it will be released in a softcover edition where books are sold, in addition to a hardcover edition that comes with a cassette. Additionally, a limited edition deluxe vinyl soundtrack will be sold exclusively through the Z2 Comics online store.

This is where we fall with the score of Mythical is available for book now on the Z2 Comics website.

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