Black Josei Press Founder and Editor Jamila Rowser talks about the release of a new edition of Robyn Smith’s The Saddest Angriest Black Girl in Town.

After founding his own independent publishing platform Black Josei Press In 2018, comic book creator and editor Jamila Rowser is launching a Kick starter to launch a new deluxe edition of Robyn smithacclaimed comic The saddest and maddest black girl in town. Originally self-released in 2016, the out-of-print comic is an autobiographical tale of Smith moving to rural Vermont, where she finds herself alone as the only black woman in the community and details how it affects her mental health.

In an exclusive interview with CBR, Rowser spoke about why now is the perfect time for a new edition of The saddest and maddest black girl in town, shared what’s in the new issue, and joked about what to expect from Black Josei Press in 2021.

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CBR: You are working with Robyn Smith to create a new edition of The saddest and maddest black girl in town. How did this project come about?

Jamila Rowser: The saddest and maddest black girl in town It was one of the things that made me a huge Robyn’s fan. It was such a beautiful comic and his words were so poetic and honest in a way that I didn’t see often. I was really impressed. When Robyn told me later that the comic was out of print, I knew Black Josei Press had to change that! It is too good not to be seen by more people.

He had previously worked with Robyn on Wash day; How would you describe your collaborative dynamic?

Rowser: Robyn and I have worked together and have known each other for a few years (and now we are good friends!) There is also a lot of trust in our relationship; We both trust that we will get it right with work and with each other. It is an environment that I try to build with all the people I work with. We truly believe in the creativity and art of others, so collaboration is natural. I think collaboration will only elevate work.

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What will this particular edition of The saddest and maddest black girl in town include?

Rowser: We have a beautiful new watercolor cover that Robyn painted plus a new clear vellum top cover. We also added process pages to this second issue that show behind the scenes of the comic’s creation!

What can you preview about Black Josei Press as we move into 2021?

Rowser: Many of our projects were delayed due to COVID, but we are back to normal and I am excited about the progress we are making with the comic. Skeleton I’m working with artist Sam Wade and editor JA Micheline. We will release it later this year via Kickstarter!

I also have another comic that I will announce soon. I am finalizing the details with the creator, but what I can tell you is that it is a collection of beautiful and queer erotic comics.

Written and illustrated by Robyn Smith, The Saddest Angriest Black Girl in Town is currently available for funding at Kick starter via Black Josei Press until March 16.

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