DJ Pauly D has a global music career and Snooki Polizzi has a clothing company. Most of the Jersey Shore cast members have become successful entrepreneurs.

When The Jersey Shore Released on MTV in 2009, its cast of bright-eyed guides and guides were catapulted to instant fame. Viewers couldn’t get enough of their exaggerated personalities, unique style, and GTL (gym, tanned laundry) mantra. So when the original episodes ended in 2012, it was not surprising that fans supported almost every side project that each cast member announced. In fact, most have become so enterprising outside of the franchise that they probably no longer need the program for income.

As expected in the world of reality TV, each star receives a hefty salary for appearing in the spin-off. Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. For example, Paul “DJ Pauly D“DelVecchio, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Nicole”Snooki“Polizzi raises $ 150,000 per episode. Vinny Guadagnino is very close to $ 90,000. While this type of money can help fund a luxurious lifestyle (Pauly owns many cars and motorcycles), most of the show’s stars they can survive comfortably without their MTV paychecks.

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Over the years, the crew have strategically used their The Jersey Shore platform to launch their own companies, but some failed, such as one season Vinny & Ma Eat America, with Vinny Guadagnino and his mother Paola. Others saw unprecedented success, an excellent example of DJ Pauly D’s musical career as the 40-year-old toured the world playing his beats at sold-out venues (and landed a coveted residency at Drai’s Beachclub & Nightclub in Las Vegas). Nicole “Snooki“Polizzi is also seeing post-The Jersey Shore the cash flowing from its The Snooki Shop franchise, as well as its new HGTV competition, Cabana Royale Beach.

Meanwhile, Vinny earned a good chunk during his tenure as a Chippendales dancer in Las Vegas, and is also the author of Control the crazy (which helps readers manage anxiety) and The Keto Guido Cookbook. Jenny “Jwoww“Farley, whose son has autism, is active on YouTube and other social media platforms, sharing tips and tricks for parents. Family holidays, showed Vinny his huge new home. It is clear that he has reversed it The Jersey Shore earnings to give your children a good life.

Ronnie recently unveiled his CBD brand, Verge. As for Mike “The situation“Sorrentino, is a regular guest speaker at addiction clinics, where he shares his own stories. He also operates The Sitch Store, where fans can buy T-shirts with all of his inspirational sayings. One of those catchphrases is”The comeback is always greater than the setback. “

Thanks to six seasons of the original The Jersey Shore series, in addition to the secondary and spin-off projects of the cast, the majority of the team has accumulated high net worth and does not need to return for more seasons of Family holidays. This shows that they really enjoy each other’s company (for the most part) and want more adventures together. With the group now divided between coasts, their excitement at seeing each other is palpable across the screen. Those twenty-somethings formed a lasting connection during those drunken nights in Seaside Heights, and now they support each other through marriage, divorce, children, and all that life has to offer.

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