the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure The universe can be defined by the actions of its main protagonists, but its supporting characters have proven to be just as important. Whether starting out as an adversary or having been featured as an ally, none of the series’ central heroes would have survived without the help of the friends they made throughout their travels.

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By analyzing the actions of the supporting characters, we have a better appreciation of their pervasive influences on all acts in the narrative. Also, you can see what dividends the power of friendship has returned to the main hero.

10 Speedwagon saved Jonathan from Dio

After Jonathan defeated Speedwagon but refused to finish him off, the ruffian took sympathy for the man and decided to follow him home. He had heard of his plight and the evil of Dio Brando, and saw it firsthand upon his return.

Although the villain had made an insincere plea about his repentance after he was proven guilty of poisoning his father, Speedwagon saw it immediately and exposed it as a fraud. This prevented Jonathan from letting his guard down, allowing him to confront Dio and remind him of the sinister nature of his foster brother.

9 Baron Zeppeli saved Jonathan from Tarkus

Wisdom gave minion

Tarkus was a massive warrior whom Dio had resurrected into his service. He dragged Jonathan into a crucible for an even fight, though Baron Zeppeli knew it was a battle his student had no hope of winning.

They doggedly searched for ways to enter the arena and finally found one. Although the intervention of the baron would save Jonathan’s life, as a consequence he was split in half. His death would not be in vain: he imbued Joestar with the last of his Hamon, giving him the strength to face Brando.

8 Caesar saved Joseph from the oil tower

The Oil Tower was a challenge put on by Lisa Lisa to train Hamon’s students at an alarmingly fast rate. The only way out was over the top, forcing his contenders to climb hundreds of feet to save their own lives.

Although Joseph Joestar could almost get out of it alone, he slipped on the cusp of freedom. Fortunately, Caesar Zeppeli was prepared for his mistake, grabbed his hand and put him to safety. Without his help, his training exercise would have come to a grim and abrupt conclusion.

7 Avdol saved Polnareff from J. Geil and Hol Horse

Hol Horse was a remarkably cunning villain as, unlike other Stand users, he never faced his target alone. Teaming up with J. Geil, he outscored Polnareff, using his confidence against him and nearly knocking down the Frenchman in combat.

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However, Avdol intervened despite his stupidity to save his life. He bore the Hanged Man’s dagger to his back and the Emperor’s bullet to his head. Since the first attack forced him to collapse backwards, the second only grazed his paw and ironically diminished the damage it inflicted so that it was not fatal.

6 Avdol saved Polnareff (again) from Cameo

Avdol and polnareff from stardust crusaders

When Polnareff came across Cameo, a “wish granting” Stand, he was immediately intrigued by the possibilities that could open up. Unsurprisingly, he wished for the return of his deceased loved ones, including his sister and Avdol.

Instead of meeting them, he was assaulted by monstrous zombies who shared his resemblance. Since Jean Pierre did not dare to kill anything that even looked like his sister, he gave up a heinous death, only to be saved by the real Avdol at the last moment.

5 Kakyoin saved all thirteen from death

death 13

Mannish Boy was Death Thirteen’s Stand user and an especially treacherous opponent. Since he was a baby (and because his victims forgot about his attempts to kill them in the dream world), no one suspected his malice except Noriaki Kakyoin.

Although he would remain unable to convince his friends of the villain’s evil machinations, he strategically took matters into his own hands. By causing Polnareff to knock him unconscious while his Stand was active, he was able to take him into the dream world with him and thwart the evil lurking within him.

4 Jotaro discovered the identity of Yoshikage Kira

After Shigechi’s murder, Jotaro and Koichi investigated the tailor shop where Yoshikage intended to fix his suit. Inevitably, the serial killer was discovered, prompting a public confrontation.

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The resulting chaos may not have directly culminated in the villain’s defeat, but it forced him to flee and abandon the life he once knew. Trying to assimilate into a different family was not as straightforward as he hoped, and eventually Hayato helped expose himself to his pursuers.

3 Okuyasu saved Josuke’s life

As the final battle between Josuke and Kira drew to a close, it seemed that the hero would face his demise. With dozens of pieces of wood lodged in his legs, he was unable to face an assault on the killer or adequately defend himself from the Stray Cat detonation.

After the bomb was dropped, it unexpectedly changed course, being handed over to Okuyasu (who had been presumed dead). With a second strike from the Hand, Nijimura dispatched the explosive completely, granting Higashikata a chance to resume the fight with more success.

two Bucciarati saved his entire team by defeating Mario

Mario Zucchero’s “Soft Machine” Stand was able to superimpose one substance over another, allowing him to make solid objects rubbery and flexible. With this tactic, he eliminated Bucciarati’s team one by one, almost heralding a premature end to their quest to become Italy’s new crime bosses.

With Abbacchio’s help, Bruno was able to get him out of hiding and use his “Zipper Man” Stand to behead him. He did so despite the villain’s attempts to hold his friends hostage, showing calm and efficiency in the face of danger.

1 Bucciarati saved Trish from Diavolo

Shadow Diavolo without identity

When Bruno was about to hand Trish over to Diavolo, he realized that his father’s intention was not to save her from La Squadra, but rather wanted to kill her outright so that her identity would remain a secret forever.

Despite the divine power of the Crimson King, Bucciarati was able to escape from the mad crime lord without giving up on the young woman. However, it would come at a great cost: it was later revealed that the team leader had died from their skirmish, persisting in an undead state thanks to his miraculous willpower.

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