Marvel’s King in Black event is a massive crossover spanning the entire Marvel Universe. But that limits your ability to tell a satisfying story.

Warning! This article contains some spoilers for King in Black # 4

Marvel’s enormous reach King in black The event highlights how the elements that make it an effective crossover across the line also limit its ability to be a great story. the Marvel Universe It has been attacked by Knull the Symbiote God forces for over two months, which is about half the expected duration of the crossover. This has provided plenty of opportunities for the story, as the dozens of related issues, miniseries, and one-shots have featured all kinds of fan-favorite characters taking on the armies of the Lord of the Abyss.

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The main King in black The limited series at the heart of the crossover is intended to be the culmination of more than two years of stories from writer Donny Cates and artist Ryan Stegman in the current Poison Serie. His career has included the introduction of Eddie Brock’s son Dylan, the establishment of Knull and his backstory as the god of all symbiotes, and the Absolute carnage event. Everything has led to Knull’s arrival on Earth, where he searches for Dylan, who can also control symbiotes. This is a vital part of your war against the Light and your quest to return the universe to darkness.

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The biggest downside to events like this is that the need to incorporate multiple disjointed titles diminishes the potential for the main story of Knull’s conquest. For a crossover to impact such a wide range of characters, from Namor to the Guardians of the Galaxy to the Fantastic Four, the threat the heroes face must be broad and easy to sum up. Readers choosing their favorite titles should be able to get the gist of what’s going on without having to read the biggest crossover. The King in Black fits perfectly into that project. It is the embodiment of evil that wants to cover all darkness. That’s a generic enough conflict that the writers can use it as a backdrop for Black Cat to stage a heist where he steals Doctor Strange, or for Deadpool to assemble a new team of monsters. The symbiote dragons that make up Knull’s armies give each title a great monster for its heroes to fight. And the dynamic nature of symbiotes allows artists the opportunity to create visually stunning scenes.

King of black scary monster

The fleeting nature of cross-linking means that each of these heroes can spend and cast or two symbiotes to hit them before sounding them off or setting them on fire, and moving on to something new next month. But the main King in black Limited series don’t have that luxury. Although he makes appearances in some of the links, Knull as a character has much more prominence in the limited series. The problem is that his character lacks the nuance and depth to be a truly memorable or engaging antagonist. He is simply evil and longs for the dark. In King in Black # 4Jean Gray searches her mind for weaknesses and finds nothing but darkness. The conclusion of that problem implies that the secret to beating Knull is not something inherent in Venom, Dylan or any other main character in the story that we have been following, but a God of Light who flies from outer space and possesses Eddie. Brock.

There are other areas where Marvel seems to have sacrificed the story of King in black in favor of making it a massive crossover. The wait time between numbers in the main series is long. King in Black # 5 It is scheduled to go on sale April 7, a full seven weeks after the fourth issue. It is unknown if this is due to behind-the-scenes production issues or because Marvel needs time to post all the links before concluding the crossover. But one important effect is that the event appears to be dragging on. the King in black The series certainly has memorable moments, from Knull ripping the Sentry in half to Thor practically slamming into the Symbiote God jaw wiping his face. Readers can’t help but be left with the feeling that the main series is turning its wheels as they wait for the stories of related topics to unfold.

The shortcomings of this story might not be so apparent if the time frame had been shortened, or if Marvel had not devoted as much of its editorial line to producing stories under the King in black parasol. Obviously, the crossover has not reached its conclusion and we have yet to see how the end of King in black will develop and what ramifications it could have on the Marvel Universe. But as it stands, the strategy used in the unfolding of this event has created an interesting backdrop for a series of linked stories, while also leaving the main story at the center of it all feeling a bit empty.

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