The acolytes of Knull, the King in Black, are missing in action during the conquest of Earth, after fighting the Silver Surfer billions of years ago.

the King in black He has been ruthless in his conquest of planet Earth, but some of Knull’s most powerful underlings have been absent from the fight. The heroes of Earth already face insurmountable obstacles and are fortunate that they have not yet encountered all the forces of the King of the Black.

Knull descended upon Earth with dozens of obstacles to the planet’s defenders, including Symbiotes, Symbiote Dragons, and Corrupted Celestials. Several of Earth’s heroes have already been corrupted by symbiotes, including Captain America, Cyclops, The Thing, and Storm, and have been added to the King in Black’s army. Heroes of the power, like the Sentry, were easily eliminated, and Knull’s control of the planet is fierce. Those who are able to fight to find a way to free Earth from the shell of the living abyss.

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Missing from the King in Black’s attack on Earth is a trio of forgotten goddesses who were corrupted by symbiotes. On Donny Cates, Tradd Moore and Dave Stewart Silver Surfer: Black # 1Billions of years ago, the Silver Surfer unknowingly arrives on a planet conquered by symbiotes for help. There he meets three intimidating sentries guarding a door. The beings attack him and in his weakened state, the Surfer only defends them by summoning enough energy to give birth to a star of his cosmic power. Their efforts ultimately free the planet and the symbiote goddesses of darkness, but attract the attention of the King in Black. Knull chases the surferbut not before restoring his acolytes and leaving them to obediently guard the King’s throne, where they were last seen, in Silver Surfer: Black # 2.

During their encounter, Silver Surfer describes the Knull Sentinels as alien goddesses from an abandoned pantheon. They assault him with ancient weapons and try to reach him with the symbiotes that infest that world. His current whereabouts are unknown. There is a possibility that they still protect the world from Knull’s throne. However, sometime after the encounter with the Surfer, Knull’s hive mind with the symbiotes was severed and his creations caged him on Klyntar. It is possible that during this period the acolytes were once again free from Knull’s corruption and disappeared into the cosmos. Another possibility is that the goddesses met their end from Knull’s hand, indirectly. Gorr, the God of Butcher, led a campaign for centuries executing gods with Knull’s necrosword in the pages of Jason Aaron. Thor: God of Thunder. Gorr was on the loose for centuries, and may have added them to his deity count.

Whatever the reason for their absence, Earth is better off without these goddesses present and at Knull’s disposal. As powerful as Silver Surfer is, he barely survived his fight with them, surfing injured and slowly decaying. If Knull’s acolytes still serve the King in black, Earth’s heroes should pray that he does not summon them to join the fight.

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