Little Nightmares II is a critical favorite, but it’s not necessarily easy. Fortunately, we have some tips and tricks to help you escape the horrors.

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s anticipated horror title Little Nightmares II it’s here. After Six of the Maw’s heartbreaking escape, the story begins with his encounter with Mono, a boy who uses a paper bag as an unusual mask. Together, the duo must navigate the many horrors of Pale City, now populated by misshapen citizens corrupted by a strange signal broadcast from their televisions. The goal is to get to the Signal Tower, where Six and Mono can save the city and themselves from The Thin Man.

Thanks to the new playable character, Little Nightmares II offers new gameplay, even for those familiar with the previous installment. With that said, it doesn’t hurt to learn some tips, tricks and strategies to master the puzzle platformer that critics call a “wonderful childhood nightmare.”

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Explore the environment

Considering that communication between Six and Mono is practically non-existent, Little Nightmares II focuses on environmental and sound issues. In a game like this, no detail is meaningless. Be sure to explore each room and examine the images completely. There may be a reason why eyeball images are painted everywhere except to scare players. The information can be used to find hidden opportunities and collectible hats that an unsuspecting player might otherwise lose.

As you explore, don’t be afraid to interact with the Six and everything in the environment. If something seems out of place in Little Nightmares II – most likely it is. Check it out and earn achievements. For example, there is an easy achievement to open the refrigerator in the Lumberjack’s cabin on the first level, as you discovered Jez Corden from Windows Central.

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Master the slide

Many gamers have expressed that they were unaware of the swipe maneuver without first reviewing the button layout. To perform a slide, simply press the “crouch” button while running. This particular move is useful during escape sequences. Instead of moving or climbing obstacles, sliding under them saves time, allowing Mono to get to safety faster.

Scan your environment

As with the “swipe” button, some players do not fully use their camera. The camera provides tremendous vision, allowing players to see ahead. Those who take the time to map their path and plan for danger are less likely to find their demise when navigating tricky puzzles.

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Smart fight

Little NIghtmares 2 Feature

Though Little Nightmares II has its fair share of combat scenarios, the game relies heavily on stealth. Since Mono and Six are two tiny people in a (mostly) large world, the fight must be done smartly, not aggressively. Mono can use a variety of weapons, but his swing time must be accurate. Before engaging in combat, be sure to scan the area and trace obstacles to avoid mishaps.

Keep a watchful eye on six

Six retains autonomy during play, often wandering around to explore Pale City on his own. As he ventures, Six can uncover clues, puzzle solutions, and hidden rooms that he can lead Mono back to.

Six may have a taste for adventure, but keep in mind that he will still struggle from time to time. Monkey will have to jump into action to physically save Six from danger and mentally comfort her when she is scared by holding her hand. In addition to being adorable, Mono can also hold Six’s hand during combat and has a strategy to keep the duo from breaking up.

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Little Nightmares II is even better than the first game

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