Apple is reportedly working on a new wireless charging solution for the iPhone, but it could suffer a fate similar to that of the company’s AirPower mat.

Apple He’s reportedly working on a new MagSafe battery pack for the iPhone, though there are some reservations that it could end up turning into another AirPower. While the iPhone 12 series phones continue to be big sellers, it appears that some of the company’s wireless battery technology remains a problem.

Apple launched the iPhone 12 series in late 2020. Around the same time, the company introduced its new MagSafe accessories. These wireless add-ons magnetically attach to an iPhone, not only providing an option to remove cables, but also covers. So far, the number of MagSafe accessories available to buy is limited, but is expected to continually change over time as Apple and other companies release more.

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Now, it appears that Apple is working on an iPhone battery that adopts the same MagSafe technology. Details on this come from Bloomberg, and the report explains that the battery gives iPhone owners the option to charge their device wirelessly. The report goes on to explain that the accessory will be different from previous Apple battery add-ons by not offering any protection for the iPhone. In other words, it just charges the device and nothing else.

Another AirPower in the works?

Charge Apple MagSafe iPhone 12

Although the report seeks to highlight that Apple is working on a MagSafe battery pack and plans to launch the accessory at some point, it also highlights the various development problems that the company has endured thus far. For example, the accessory is understood to have been in development for “at least one yearWith the suggestion it should have already been published. However, there have been several problems in getting the quality of the product to the level that Apple expects. In particular, there seems to be an issue where the iPhone software concludes that the battery is overheating when it is not.

To some, this may sound very similar to the company’s AirPower mat. Officially announced in 2017 alongside the iPhone 8, AirPower was supposed to be a great option for wirelessly charging multiple Apple devices, and at the same time. AirPower was originally scheduled to launch in 2018, but after reports of overheating issues, AirPower never made it to the market. According to Bloomberg, that experience has made Apple more cautious when it comes to announcing new charging-related devices and accessories. Although Apple has not yet officially announced the new MagSafe battery pack, unlike what it did with AirPower, the report highlights that development and overheating issues currently facing Apple have not only caused a delay in launch, but could cause the accessory to be scrapped. total. Like Apple’s AirPower in 2019.

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Source: Bloomberg

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