CBR reviews this week’s biggest releases, including X-Men Legends, TMNT: The Last Ronin, Batman / Catwoman, Immortal Hulk: Flatline, and King in Black.

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TMNT The Last Ronin


By design, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin it’s the kind of comic that fans will read for decades. Built around the imminently compelling idea of ​​the latest Ninja Turtle facing a harsh and dystopian future, The last Ronin # 2 continues to explore this nightmarish world and what happened to some of the fan-favorite characters in a solid story from Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, Tom Waltz, Esau, Isaac Escorza, Ben Bishop, Samuel Plata, Luis Antonio Delgado and Shawn Lee.

From heartbreaking deaths to shocking reveals and a flashback sequence that brilliantly recreates the aesthetics of the original TMNT comics of Eastman and Laird, anyone who has been a fan of the Turtles will likely find something to like here. And with pitch-perfect, dynamic art and gripping storyline, this is a comic that deserves to be read for years to come.

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Cyclops Havok presents X-Men


Although they were created in the 1960s and reached their creative peaks in the 1970s and 80s, the X-Men will always be inextricably linked to their commercial peak in the 90s. And with X-Men Legends # 1, VC’s Fabian Nicieza, Brett Booth, Adelso Corona, Guru-eFx and Joe Caramagna have put together a fun throwback to the labyrinthine stories, intense action, and hyper-detailed art of that era.

Although the long-running subplot about the identity of Cyclops and Havok’s possible third brother was resolved years ago, X-Men Legends # 1 explores how ’90s hero Adam X might fit into the Summers family. Nicieza’s script serves as an appropriate crash course in this lengthy subplot, and the art aptly evokes the ’90s with a modern brilliance. While hardcore X-Men fans will make the most of this, the comic remains an exercise filled with nostalgia for a bygone era of X-Men.


Batman Catwoman Ghost 1


When it was announced, Batman / Catwoman It was apparently billed as a continuation of the DC Rebirth era by writer Tom King. bat Man run, who spent a lot of time researching Batman and Catwoman’s relationship. During its first issues, Batman / Catwoman has taken that idea further by exploring the legacy of that relationship and nowhere is it more apparent than King, Clay Mann, Tomeu Morey and Clayton Cowles Batman / Catwoman # 3.

While most of the book continues the current mystery involving the ghost and the Joker’s past, this topic also pays close attention to the future, where the daughter of Batman and Catwoman enters the mix as Batwoman. Like the other collaborations from this creative team, this is a surprising and slow story with tight pencils, an appropriately temperamental color palette, and a complex and satisfying narrative structure.

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Immortal Hulk Flatline


In recent years, Marvel’s main Hulk series, The immortal Hulk, has rediscovered and highlighted the cosmic horror of the Green Goliath and its long history. At Immortal Hulk: Flatline One-shot, Declan Shalvey and Cory Petit present a unique accessible and enjoyable story in that same setting.

As Bruce Banner tries to keep the Hulk a secret while floating through the American Southwest, Flatline sees the Marvel icon meet an old face from his past with a pending account. Flatline strikes a nice balance between classic Hulk-smashing action, looming threat, and even something thoughtful in a story that’s well-drawn and well-paced by Shalvey.


King in Black X-Men 1


For the past few months, the symbiote god Knull has seemed like a truly terrifying and unstoppable force that has engulfed the entire Marvel Universe. However, Marvel heroes strike back in Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, Frank Martin, and Clayton Cowles. King in black # 4.

With the creative team still firing on all cylinders and a broad cast of characters that includes several major Marvel heroes, King in black offers classic superhero action on a truly epic scale. With a story that draws heroes from all corners of the Marvel Universe and pits them through incredibly gruesome adversity on poster-worthy pages, this comic is everything a conventional superhero crossover should be. As a bonus, it also includes an impressive prelude to Peach Momoko’s X-Men: Demon Days that is well worth it.

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