Some fans think Erik is putting too many demands on Virginia, while other viewers think Virginia is too immature for marriage.

Erik and Virginia, who said “Yes, I do” in season 12 of Married at first sightThey are already dealing with some marital problems. This comes despite their immediate connection. The fun-loving couple may have some more serious issues below the surface, as some fans pointed out how Erik’s behavior can be controlling.

the Married at first sight Experts paired Erik, a successful 34-year-old pilot, with Virginia, 26, who is at the beginning of her career as a customer service specialist. Despite their eight-year age difference, experts hoped their equally positive outlooks on life would help them lay the foundation for a strong relationship. Erik has been married and divorced before, although he downplayed the seriousness of their previous relationship and emphasized that he was looking for a true life partner. Virginia has been single for several years and has chosen to have more short-term affairs rather than a serious relationship due to her fear of being abandoned. Erik and Virginia immediately felt a strong attraction for each other on their wedding day and have been working to deepen their bond on their honeymoon in Las Vegas.

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Despite their strong chemistry, Erik and Virginia have discovered some deep incompatibilities that they must grapple with this season. Erik, who is not as interested in partying and drinking as his new wife Virginia, has consumed more alcohol than he is used to during their honeymoon in Las Vegas. But while he has told Virginia that he does not want to prevent her from having fun with his friends, he has also made it clear that he expects her to be an attentive wife. He also told Virginia that he was not comfortable with her having male friends and stated that the only acceptable male friends are those who are dating their friends or who are gay. He also made it clear that if Virginia couldn’t handle her demanding travel schedule, the marriage would end. While Erik presented these conditions as a normal part of a mature marriage, some fans noted that his behavior seemed controlling. “What attracts me is that Erik comes back in with his dealbreakers during his one-on-one … he seems a little controlling and a little aggressive.” wrote a fan on Reddit.

Virginia Erik married at first sight

However, some fans think that Virginia is the one not ready to marry, especially to a mature man with an established career. Virginia’s propensity to party is an important part of her lifestyle, but fans and co-stars alike have noted that her drinking seems excessive. “I love Erik and Virginia to death, but Virginia needs to grow up”, said a fan on Reddit. “Drinking is not a hobby, and ‘going out’ three nights a week is what people do when they feel insecure or when they grew up without stability.” Erik also appeared visibly drunk multiple times during episode 6 because he was trying to match his wife’s drinking.

In addition to facing incompatibilities in their own relationship, Erik and Virginia have become embroiled in conflicts with their season 12 castmates. After Virginia confronted her co-star Chris about his pregnant ex-fiancee and his new wife’s problematic treatment Paige, Chris insulted Virginia and accused her of being an alcoholic. The conflict came to a head during a delivery dinner in which Erik and Chris almost quarreled over the table before breaking up.

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