Wilson Fisk, also known as the Kingpin, is no stranger to overtly violent acts. Kingpin has been one of Marvel’s most prolific villains in his ploy to take control of everything he touches, and with that, he will stop at nothing to gain more power. Even if that means killing some of Marvel Comics’ most notable superheroes.

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Kingpin has hatched plans with all kinds of heroes, including those involved in Hell’s Kitchen, with Daredevil, and all of New York, with Spider-Man. Almost nothing can stop this magnanimous man when he sets his sights on another company.

10 When he created Echo and raised her in a world of hate and gaslighting

Kingpin is responsible for creating Echo. Echo, better known as Maya Lopez (and like the original Ronin) was raised to believe that Daredevil was responsible for her father’s death, but little did she know, the Kingpin was the one who mercilessly killed her father.

No one can cross the Kingpin without paying the price, and Maya Lopez’s father learned that lesson well, as the Kingpin would take down anyone who might slightly inconvenience his goals. Kingpin went so far as to send Maya to boarding school, train her, and make her believe for many years that her father was murdered by Matt Murdock.

9 Your involvement in aunt may get shot

Kingpin has been sentenced to prison many times for his goals of world domination. Apparently he would go out every time, but this time, he would go back to New York once more to find that Peter Parker had revealed to the world that he was Spider-Man. Furious with anger at this announcement, and possibly unaware of this bomb on his own, the Kingpin ordered a hit on Peter Parker, but the killer missed and shot Aunt May instead.

Of course, Spider-Man would retaliate by beating the Kingpin almost to death, but Aunt May would suffer the most.

8 When he tricked Black Cat into Spider-Man

BLACK CAT APPEARANCES - Marvels Spider-Man 2017

Cheating is one of Kingpin’s best tools. No one can trick people into creating falsehoods more than Kingpin. Felicia Hardy, also known as Black Cat, was one of those people who fell victim to the Kingpin’s schemes. Black Cat’s innate ability to inflict “bad luck” on her enemies came at a high price when the Kingpin allowed her to believe that she could become the superhero equal to Spider-Man.

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Black Cat didn’t want Peter Parker to get hurt by his desire to protect her, so the Kingpin promised him great powers, only for the procedure to backfire. The power of Black Cat’s bad luck would be amplified in a way that began to negatively affect Spider-Man’s life, which was the Kingpin’s ultimate goal.

7 When he sent a nuclear bomb on a rampage

Kingpin is not above using maniacal people, in a way to torture those who oppose him. Anyway, the Kingpin once released Nuke Upon Hell’s Kitchen. This failed super soldier turned psychopath went on a bloody rampage, killing many innocents and destroying Matt Murdock’s restaurant.

Matt hadn’t donned his Daredevil outfit in quite some time, after having a mental breakdown (more on that later), leaving Nuke to do whatever he saw fit. Nuke rampaged through the city, taking many lives with him, all because the Kingpin wanted to see if he could goad Daredevil to show up again.

6 When he tortured Spiderman

Kingpin overlooking Spiderman

Kingpin has long been a thorn in the side of everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spider-Man, but his level of hatred boils beyond the constant battle against the web crawler. Spider-Man joined forces with Moon Knight, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, and Shang-Chi, to form Marvel Knights. Moon Night disguised as Ronin, brought a seemingly unconscious Spider-Man to Fisk as a show of good faith.

This was a ploy to infiltrate the Kingpin base, but the Kingpin, being the mastermind that he is, already knew this and caused both Moon Knight and Spider-Man to be beaten almost to death. Spider-Man was tied to a chair, tortured, and unmasked. A secret that Kingpin would keep over Spider-Man’s head for a long time.

5 The effort he put into destroying Daredevil’s life

reckless kingpin

Daredevil has been one of the Kingpin’s deepest and most formidable foes, even more so than Spider-Man. As such, Kingpin has made it his personal goal to change Matt Murdock’s life in any way he can. One such event occurred in Frank Miller’s brave tale of Daredevil continuity.

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Karen Page became a heroin addict and used her knowledge of Daredevil’s true identity to further her addiction. Kingpin, of course, learned this information and used its power to destroy everything Matt Murdock had. Murdock’s bank accounts were frozen, his home was repossessed, and he was indicted for perjury, resulting in a ruined attorney reputation for Matt Murdock. This caused Matt to go into a deep mental breakdown.

4 When he took control of the hand

Kingpin vs the hand

There’s been a long-standing discussion, how about if you have more influence in Hell’s Kitchen: The Hand or Kingpin? Well in wonder Shadowlands plot, Kingpin assumes full control of the Hand. Daredevil eventually breaks down under the pressure of everything he has to face and takes control of the highly trained crime syndicate, but the Kingpin would not sit idly by and allow Daredevil to become the most powerful man in town.

Kingpin hatches a plan, using his allies in the Hand, slaying Daredevil and assuming his rightful role at the top. Kingpin then turns the city into a literal war zone.

3 When Matt Murdock got arrested

Matt Murdock has kept his identity as Daredevil a secret for some time, but when the media revealed that secret, the Kingpin was furious as he could no longer use Murdock’s secret identity against him. Murdock went so far as to obtain an injunction that would not allow anyone to speak about his seemingly open secret.

Although many people assumed that Matt Murdock was Daredevil, no one could prove it. When Kingpin was arrested by the FBI, he submitted these completely fabricated papers called “Murdock Papers” which detailed Murdock as Daredevil. Kingpin thought he would get immunity for this stunt, but the FBI took them both in and even placed them both in the same cell in hopes that they would kill each other.

two When he hired Bullseye to pretend to be Daredevil


Bullseye is one of Daredevil’s biggest enemies, and the Kingpin has always seen fit to hire Bullseye to make sure Daredevil never feels comfortable. Kingpin has always had Bullseye under his employ, as he is one of Marvel’s greatest assassins. Although he does not possess any real superpowers, Bullseye never “misses” when firing his weaponry. To tarnish Daredevil’s name, Bullseye woke up in Daredevil’s red suit and was involved in many atrocities in Hell’s Kitchen.

Bullseye enacted beatings, murders, and assaults, in an attempt to portray Daredevil as the villain, so the Kingpin could continue his reign as a villain.

1 When he killed Peter Parker

capo crushing spider man

Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse was one of the biggest hits of 2018. In this newly developed multiverse of the Spider-Man continuity, there was the ever-prevailing Kingpin. A much bigger Kingpin, but just as brutal. Peter Parker found his way to nearly thwart another Kingpin villainous plan, while also mingling with the new Spider-Man, Miles Morales.

Both Parker and Morales were teaming up, but Parker would be the one to come under the mighty power of the Kingpin. Parker explains that creating a black hole under New York wouldn’t work to bring the Kingpin family back, but the Kingpin sees no reason to keep Parker around and kills him on the spot.

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