While not one of the main Avengers, hero and former actor Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man, is a huge problem in Europe, according to Thunderbolts Batroc.

Warning: Contains spoilers for King in Black: Thunderbolts # 2

Few people have had the superhero career of Simon Williams, aka Wonderful man. Originally an enemy of the Avengers, the former super-powerful industrialist reformed and joined the mightiest heroes on Earth, where his unique abilities greatly helped whichever team he joined. Although he originally left and tried his luck as an actor, the lack of jobs only accelerated his return to a team where he has been a longtime member, but hardly one of its most recognizable heroes. While his career has had many ups and downs, the Kingpin-led Thunderbolts have hilariously informed others that while he is underrated in America, Simon Williams is considered a major celebrity in Europe.

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Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in Avengers # 9 (1962), Simon Williams was a criminal incarcerated on fraud and embezzlement charges whose dislike for Tony Stark was enough for Baron Zemo to recruit him to his Masters of Evil. Using experimental technology exposing Simon to chemical and radiation treatments, Zemo gave him a plethora of powers thanks to the energy that ran through his body, which included superhuman strength, invulnerability, immortality, and others. Although manipulated to fight Stark and the Avengers, Simon eventually switched sides and fought alongside the heroes while still suffering from the after-effects of his powers. Constant battles and losses over the years, including a death or two and resurrections, combined with his suddenly unstable powers caused Simon to attack, blaming the Avengers for the world’s troubles and even forming a team called The Avengers to back him up. . After a brief incarceration, Simon was able to redeem himself by becoming a pacifist superhero, reconciling his relationship with the Avengers, and providing crucial support in War of the kingdoms and the recent Empyre.

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In the past, Simon Williams felt like he was just acting like a hero, so he left the Avengers to give an acting career a shot. With his only consistent job being a strongman on a children’s show, Simon resigned, and after a brief transition period from acting and the Avengers, he ended up landing a regular stunt job that also began to revitalize his acting career until your personal problems. and responsibilities to the West Coast Avengers caused it to be permanently discontinued. In King in Black: Thunderbolts # 2 by Matthew Rosenberg and Juan Ferreyra, Kingpin blackmails the Thunderbolts into going on a mission through symbiote-infested New York while protecting someone whose powers could help them end the grim invasion. Among the survivors is international criminal, overblown Frenchman, and forgotten MCU villain Batroc the Leaper, who informs his teammates that Simon Williams is actually very popular in Europe, especially France.

Following a theater named after him in Stephen Strange Strange academy, this is the second mention of someone who is considered a lesser known and respected Avenger. Despite his impressive power set and long history with the team, Wonder Man never seemed to get the American attention that other mainstream Avengers do. Whether it has to do with your criminal past or your personal issues, it is fun to find out that you are a celebrity abroad, possibly due to reruns of your roles on television or in movies. Batroc himself could be a huge fan, enthusiastically comparing the policy of not wearing Thunderbolts masks to his public identity or congratulating his teammate Star on his heroic save, stating that he is increasingly acting like the trademark strong hero.

While Wonder Man has been a hero and a villain to him Avengers, he has achieved the kind of popularity that is reminiscent of actor David Hasselhoff, whose celebrity in the United States could not compare to the popularity he saw internationally as an actor and musician in the late 1980s and 1990s. His big screen debut is rumored that will appear in the current WandaVision series, looks like the ‘Hoff, Wonderful man it could be due to a return.

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