The team of talented Minecraft builders behind the massive city of Greenfield share another impressive aerial view of the long-standing project.

Greenfield, possibly the largest city ever built in Minecraft, has been shown in another impressive aerial screenshot that demonstrates an incredibly complex infrastructure. the Minecraft The project itself is far from complete, and the authors regularly share impressive updates and new images of the ambitious construction.

Last May, the team behind Minecraft Greenfield City shared an impressive panoramic view of the project. It looked so real and detailed that it could be taken for a photograph rather than a video game screenshot. A group of Minecraft modders have been creating the awesome city since 2011, and there are roughly 100 builders on the team. The scale of the project is unprecedented, while the attention to detail makes Greenfield look credible and full of life.

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The incredibly detailed and realistic city of Greenfield has recently been treated to another beautiful aerial view by NJDaeger on Reddit, demonstrating the complicated infrastructure present in this huge Minecraft build. The particular area shown in the image took about a year for the team to complete, according to the authors. Some places may seem strangely familiar and there is a reasonable explanation. Although it is a fictional city, Minecraft Greenfield is heavily inspired by one from real life, Los Angeles, which is famous for its many wide highways and complex intersections. The amount of effort invested in the project is impressive, to say the least. Modders claim that very few assets are being copied and pasted. Instead, most of the objects are designed and built by hand, and while there may be some visibly similar structures, they are all being customized to some extent to make them appear at least somewhat unique.

Greenfield’s fame has already led to other devotees Minecraft fans testing their own creative power when designing and building great cities. One of the most famous Minecraft cities is Mattupolis, the work that started just a year after Greenfield, in 2012. This is another hyper-realistic construction, but what makes it that much more impressive is the fact that it is being built primarily by a single person rather than a team. of builders and designers.

It is quite fascinating to witness the progress of the Greenfield project, which this year will celebrate its 10th anniversary. However, the final version is still a long way off, as the latest version is Greenfield V0.5.3. Despite that, anyone who has a copy of Minecraft. The city is available for download, and if players have some realistic visual mods and shaders installed, stunning screenshots can be taken on the go.

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Source: NJDaeger / Reddit

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