All Might was the strongest character in the My hero academia universe at the beginning of the series. Embodying protection and safety for all of Japan, the Symbol of Peace kept the villains of the criminal underworld cowering beneath the surface of society.

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Despite his impressive strength, Toshinori was not invincible – there were many ways to defeat him that the anime’s antagonists had not considered or were simply too scared to try. By analyzing the ways to defeat All Might, we can determine how strong One For All really is and how well it could protect the innocent.

10 Deny your quirk

The “Erased” quirk is an ability that belongs to Aizawa, which thankfully reduces the threat posed against Toshinori. However, it is vulnerable to being stolen by All For One, and if successfully acquired, it would tip the balance of the war between heroes and villains in favor of the latter.

If used against All Might, it would reduce him to a withered man with an irritating physical deformity. Simply pushing yourself would cause tremendous strain on your body, much less trying to fight someone else.

9 Exhaust it

Even with its quirk, All Might has severe limitations on how long it can be worn. At the beginning of the series, you could gather it for up to three hours, while at the end of the first season, you could only safely use it for one.

If the League organized a lot of inconsequential criminals to throw them at the Symbol of Peace (like the muddy villain from the first episode), All Might would be bound to defeat them before meeting more powerful opponents. As director Nezu pointed out, he cannot pass up the opportunity to be heroic, even if his other colleagues are more than willing to take responsibility.

8 Take a hostage

Wolfram My Hero Academia Two Heroes

Taking a hostage would prevent All Might from finishing off one, as demonstrated through Wolfram’s tactic against the Symbol of Peace by breaking a party. Furthermore, he would force Toshinori to remain in his muscular state as he would not want his enemies to find out about his vulnerability.

This would effectively weaken the hero as long as the hostage situation continued. Considering that Wolfram was only frustrated by Class 1-A’s courage, Toshinori would not be able to recover the situation on his own without their help.

7 Kill him while he sleeps

One fact about UA High is that it is disappointingly penetrable and completely incompetent at keeping villains out. This was demonstrated through the Shigaraki attack, also seen by the forest camp raid, and the near-successful viral video for Gentle Criminal (which was only foiled by Deku, rather than the professional heroes on the ground).

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So it shouldn’t be particularly difficult to infiltrate the school at night, find All Might’s location, and kill him in his sleep. Considering that there is a spy at the school, his whereabouts must be known.

6 Use an instant killer quirk

One fact about All Might is that his physical durability is off the charts. This is why he was so tenacious in his battles against UA nomu and All For One, surviving the full power of accumulated quirks both times.

However, this does not take into account villains who can kill them in one hit, such as Shigaraki with “Decay” or Kai Chisaki with his “Overhaul”. Given the right opportunity, any one of them is powerful enough to destroy the Peace Symbol.

5 Outnumber you

Shigaraki kurogiri and prime nomu

An uncomfortable fact about the first attack on UA ​​was that the coalition between Shigaraki, Kurogiri, and the first nomu was strong enough to defeat All Might by themselves. It was only through the intervention of the students and professional heroes that he was able to turn the tide of the battle.

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Ambushing him with a handful of decent villains would be more than enough to finish him off, as evidenced by how Kurogiri nearly ripped his body in half by closing her portal around his torso.

4 Brainwash him

Shinso’s quirk allowed him to brainwash others after answering a verbal question. Like Eraserhead, it serves heroes, though it’s equally true that All For One could take their power if it were strategic in doing so. Considering that the villains watched the Sports Festival, their abilities are known and desirable.

Since Toshinori can’t help but berate villains and announce himself at the start of a fight, it follows that Shinso’s ability would be profoundly successful against him. With All Might unable to tap into One For All’s former self as efficiently as Deku, there would be enough time to kill him while he was distracted.

3 Attack an innocent civilian

One doesn’t even need a hostage to make All Might wrong, a fact All For One realized during their battle on Kamino. After noticing a civilian buried under the rubble, he prepared to unleash a fatal attack on them, forcing the Symbol of Peace to step forward and take the damage instead.

Doing so exacerbated his already failed One For All and diminished the strength he could muster against the criminal kingpin. Had there been more innocent people nearby, All For One would have found a decisive victory by repeating this strategy.

two Mastering it with physical strength

All Might v / s All For One (My Hero Academia)

At the end of All For One’s battle against All Might, the former had the advantage of physical strength. He accumulated enough quirks in his arm to force Toshinori to back off and fight defensively just to survive.

He could no longer overcome the villain’s attacks solely on the merit of sheer physical strength. Instead, he had to use what was left of his quirk to launch a final and decisive attack and take down the mastermind. His deception, however, proved that Toshinori may have been the weaker of the two at the end of the fight.

1 Kill him after retirement

Perhaps the most plausible way to kill All Might is if one confronts him after retirement. With the flames from One For All being extinguished long ago, Toshinori can barely maintain his muscular form for a second before reversing and coughing up blood.

Despite his experience, he is almost as helpless as an ordinary person in this state, a fact that he was forced to admit to Izuku’s mother. This makes him beatable by virtually every villain in the series.

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