The story of My hero academia it is rife with fight scenes, several of which take place within the span of individual episodes. Given that the world described is one of superheroes and supervillains, this is not really surprising. Some of the battles are minor and some are a spectacle, while others show the impressive strength and skill that the combatants possess.

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Professional heroes are pushed to the limits of their power, while students demonstrate that they can fight alongside the best. The series’ first battles take place in the first eleven episodes of Season 1, beginning with a villain attacking the city and ending with Eraser Head’s heroic act of protecting the children, one that nearly ended with his death.

10 Kamui Woods and Mt. Lady vs. Giant Villain

Kamui Woods, Mt Lady, Giant Villain

As an introduction to the narrative, a giant nameless villain finds himself sweeping the streets. At Tatooin station (one of MHAThey are many Star Wars references), Kamui Woods attempts to take down the huge creature with the help of his patented lacquered chain prison technique.

Unfortunately for him, his thunder is stolen by Mount Lady, who instantly defeats her opponent by unleashing her spectacular Canyon Cannon. The press harasses the victor, leaving the Kamui sulking in the distance.

9 Izuku Midoriya and All Might vs. Mud villain

Izuku and the Muddy Villain

When All Might accidentally reveals his true form to Deku, the Sludge Villain “kidnaps” Bakugo, absorbing him and using his Blast to destroy nearby buildings. No professional hero succeeds in saving Bakugo, that is, until Midoriya recklessly jumps in to save his friend.

This has very little effect on the villain, except perhaps to make him angrier, but All Might enters the fray and eventually stands up on behalf of his famous catchphrase. The Sludge Villain ships quickly.

8 Applicants for the UA entrance exam vs. UA robots

Robots for UA entrance exams

The practical exam for a seat in the UA consists of a battle royale situation, in which the contestants are expected to eliminate various varieties of robots that function as “villains”. Everyone quickly begins to rack up points, but Deku desperately hopes he doesn’t finish at the bottom of his group.

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Then the authorities, led by Director Nezu, activate a huge associated robot without any points, making it more beneficial to evade it than to attack it. When Uraraka risks being killed, Deku breaks the machine with his new One For All.

7 Deku and Uraraka vs. Tenya and Bakugo

Deku and kacchan

As part of a UA training module, Bakugo and Tenya are asked to fight Deku and Uraraka, with the mission of having a group play the heroes trying to retrieve a missile stolen by the villains. Izuku shows his childhood friend that he has changed and that he will no longer be bullied, which enrages Bakugo.

Considering the versatility of the Explosion Quirk, Deku has no choice but to rip apart the entire building from floor to ceiling, simultaneously distracting his adversary while producing debris for his teammate to levitate and fire in Tenya’s direction. Deku and Uraraka win, but Tenya is chosen MVP.

6 Todoroki and Shoji against Ojiro and Hagakure

Todoroki and Shoji

Another school match occurs between Shoji and Todoroki’s teams against Hagakure and Ojiro. It so happens that Shoji’s Dupli-Arms are completely useless in this scenario, because all that is needed is Todoroki’s mega wall of ice to enclose his surroundings (along with his opponents).

He then calmly trotted to the nuclear charge mount and touched it on the surface, giving his team victory. This display of power is enough to make Bakugo nervous at the prospect of fighting Shoto.

5 Professional heroes vs. Habit hat

Habits for the head and professional heroes

Habit Headgear, a seemingly overpowered villain, has taken several people prisoner, preventing Kamui Woods and Mount Lady from taking decisive action.

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Both are also nervous because their enemy is much more than they can handle, but the arrival of All Might turns the tide of the battle. With a single Missouri Smash, the number one Pro Hero knocks out Habit Headgear and rescues innocent citizens held captive.

4 Eraser head vs. League of villains

Eraserhead and the League of Villains

When the League of Villains invades the Unexpected Simulation Joint exercise arena, it is up to Eraser Head to confront them, one of two teachers present. He then quickly negates multiple Quirks, while simultaneously manipulating his cloth loops as an offensive move.

Eraser Head also has no problem with physical fights, as one of the minions learns when he runs towards him head first. At this point, the Pro Hero begins to show signs of exhaustion, causing Shigaraki Tomura to make his first move.

3 Thirteen vs. Kurogiri

Thirteen and Kurogiri

On the other side of the building, Thirteen faces off with Kurogiri, a battle that has some unforeseen results. Confident that her Black Hole Quirk would be enough to defeat the villain, she learns that her Warp Gate is a bit more resourceful.

Instead of sucking Kurogiri into his attack zone, his Quirk reverses the effects of Black Hole, ripping his spacesuit. The students continue the fight on their behalf for a short time, with Uraraka, Hanta, and Rikido successfully holding Kurogiri long enough to allow Tenya to flee the scene (and return with help).

two UA students vs. League of villains

Asui saves Deku

Multiple battles take place at the same time, such as when Todoroki instantly freezes multiple villains without even trying. More impressive still, it somehow extracts crucial information about the League of Villains mission, namely All Might’s planned assassination.

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Asui, Mineta, and Deku have their own private conflict aboard a ship, which is won, at least in part, with Grape Rush. Similarly, Bakugo and Kirishima are doing quite well, while Jiro, Kaminari and Yaoyorozu snatch victory with the skin of their teeth.

1 Eraser Head vs. Tomura Shigaraki and The Nomu

Tomura and Eraser Head

Tomura’s Decay is a terrifying Quirk; what’s worse is the fact that you know that Eraser Head will no longer be able to cancel it for long. He proceeds to break the hero’s elbow, after which true power enters the picture.

The Nomu’s attack is too overwhelming for Eraser Head to handle, breaking the latter’s arm like a toothpick. Deku and Asui do their best to protect themselves and their beloved teacher, but the only thing saving them is All Might breaking into the hallway.

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