Almost everyone in the world of My hero academia He is blessed (or cursed) with a gift, a genetic factor that manifests some kind of new ability absent in modern humans. In fact, it is so common that it is considered humiliating or embarrassing to be born without one, as seen by the way that Bakugo and the others make fun of poor Midoriya.

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The three types of Quirk, Emission and Mutation give rise to a great variety of superpowers, from flight to fire, and some of them also cause physical modifications in the anatomy of the person. Even among these infinite possibilities, however, there are some Quirks who are downright weird, for lack of a better term.

10 Suneater’s manifesto turns food into body parts

Suneater Manifesto

The Quirk by Tamaki, Manifest, allows you to reshape your entire body based on the characteristics of the food you have recently eaten, especially if it is in your intestines and stomach. For example, eating crab meat would produce claws on your arms, and so on.

The strangest thing is the fact that it can be literally anything that is hot, even if it is inedible. Suneater’s diet is full of octopus and clams, as these body parts are extremely efficient in most combat situations (not to mention the readily available dishes).

9 Sato’s sugar rush requires 10 grams of sugar

Sato's sugar rush

Rikido Sato’s Sugar Rush sounds simple enough: an amplification of physical prowess five times above the basic level each time you consume 10 grams of sugar. It’s pretty easy to get the nutrition you need, and this Quirk is best suited for the types of fighters, which it is.

The problem, however, is that Sugar Rush can only be activated if you have glucose flowing in your bloodstream. In other words, it’s like the superhero version of the sugar highs and lows.

8 Fumikage’s dark shadow creates a mysterious entity

Dark Shadow of Fumikage

The Quirk of Fumikage is truly unique – a Dark Shadow, so to speak, emerging from your physiology whenever you need it. It has an independent consciousness and is totally dedicated to its bearer. Dark Shadow’s power is conditioned on the absence of light, as it seems to draw its energy from the concept of “darkness”.

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It gets tricky for Fumikage when fighting under different light scenarios, with his Quirk becoming more aggressive and violent by reducing the brightness. How it works is unknown, as is the full scope of its functionality.

7 Kinoko Komori mushroom makes mushrooms

Kinoko mushroom

Mushroom is actually quite a useful Quirk, especially for combat, but its nature is downright weird. Kinoko can basically produce and disperse spores synthesized by her cells.

They sprout instantly and grow into adult fungi wherever they land, regardless of the type of surface (skin, cement, plastic, whatever). If this doesn’t sound disconcerting, consider the fact that you can grow a fungus inside someone else’s wind. -Tube, temporarily depriving them of oxygen.

6 Setsuna Tokage’s lizard tail splitter can fragment her body

Setsuna's Lizard Tail Divider

Much like a lizard’s ability to self-amputate its tail when threatened, Setsuna can break its anatomy into multiple fragments, which is quite an unusual sight.

It gets wilder: Plus, you can manipulate individual sections of your body with your mind, allowing you to launch an assault from multiple angles simultaneously. While the Quirk of the lizard tail splitter is quite complex and layered, seeing a bunch of disembodied pieces flying around the place is strange, to say the least.

5 Manga Fukidashi Comic Brings Onomatopoeia To Life

Manga comic

Manga, named for obvious reasons, can use its Comic Quirk to produce actual words in physical form. As such, its head takes the form of a speech bubble, from which it accesses its literal text.

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With specific character combinations, Manga can generate a variety of results, from destroying large objects, creating barriers, making shields, etc. It’s unclear what the limits of Comic are, but it’s clearly one of the quirkier Quirks.

4 Tatami Nakagame’s telescopic allows you to retract your limbs

Tatami Telescopic

Tatami Nakagame’s telescopic is very convenient in battle, especially in terms of dodging and parrying. This Quirk gives him the power to pull his arms, neck, and legs into his body, not like a turtle.

Unfortunately, Tatami has a big downside: the retraction process happens in an instant, but the rollback takes longer (leaving it open to attack). Sure, it might sound very strange, but Telescopic has proven versatile for taking on such overwhelming techniques. like the Piercing Twilight Claws used by Tokoyami.

3 Seiji Shishikura’s meatball controls the meat

Seiji's Meatball

An entry in the grotesque category is Seiji’s Quirk, Meatball, which turns parts of his body into weapons and shields. This may not sound that strange, except that he can also extend his powers to his opponents.

In short, it can metamorphose entire human beings into balls of flesh, inside which the trapped person is able to perceive everything that happens around him (which sounds much more horrifying to you). Meatball is capable of handling the Bakugo blast, a testament to his durability.

two Romero Fujimi’s zombie virus creates zombies

Romero's zombie virus

Romero is a reference to the famed Hollywood director George Romero, who specialized in zombie horror. Your Zombie virus makes a spray that can enter your opponent’s lungs and briefly transforms them into zombies.

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This quirk wreaks havoc on the survival training exercise at the OVA, Training of the dead, at least until Bakugo (as a zombie) manages to pierce Fujimi’s skin and consequently transfigured him into one as well.

1 Yuga Aoyama’s navel laser works as advertised (but its location is unconventional)

Yuga Navel Laser

To be fair, Yuga Aoyama’s laser powers are nothing to scoff at – they can be used for a number of purposes, from improving visibility to generating incredibly powerful blasts of energy. The quirk, in this case, relates to the source of the laser, which happens to be Yuga’s navel.

It makes the beam much more difficult to handle, since you have to rely on the rotation of your hips, which have considerably less freedom of movement than, for example, rotator cuffs. Also, what does a belly button have to do with lasers?

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