In the world of Marvel Universe, there are many different forces that have come together not only on different planets but in the collective universe in which everyone’s favorite heroes reside. One of these forces is the Nova Corps, which has been brought into the limelight from its darkest origins for its appearance and importance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Nova Corps is one of Marvel’s most powerful peacekeeping organizations, equipped with the power of the almost limitless energy field called New star Force and his supercomputer called Worldmind. With the entire Corps driven by this, one might believe that this group would be unstoppable. Well, due to the many errors of the Corps, they have fallen on more than one occasion.

10 Guard down

nova annihilation

During one of the most important stories of the Nova Corps starring its most famous and powerful member, Richard Rider, better known simply as Nova, Nova Corps made one of the worst and most fatal mistakes in history. Sadly, many members would never have a chance to never make this mistake again.

This crucial part of the Annihilation The story had the Nova Corps attacked by surprise by an unknown threat during a briefing. The attack resulted in the death of all Nova Corps members besides Richard Rider, who became the Nova Prime, carrying all of the Nova Force and Worldmind alone.

9 Starting a new body Nova

new nova body

While the Nova Corps was wiped out, that didn’t stop a new Nova Corps from gathering. While Worldmind partnered with Richard, the supercomputer began recruiting a new group under Richard’s nose who was against the decision due to fear of losing innocent and untrained recruits.

Worldmind sneaked in and recruited more and more members en masse, which was obviously a horrible idea. Unfortunately, the mistake of joining this new team would be the last of some new recruits.

8 Freeing Richard Rider from The Corps

nova vs worldmind

After Worldmind assembled a new Nova Corps and took the helm as leader, the supercomputer tricked Richard Rider into believing that the Nova Force in his hands had only taken its toll.

This prompted Worldmind to take Richard’s Nova Force and return him to earth powerless. This left Worldmind as the epitome of the Nova Corps and the Corps without the heart of the operation, Richard.

7 Joining the New Nova Corps

new nova

New members of the Nova Corps would soon realize that their mistake was great due to the silver tongue and robotic thinking of Worldmind putting herself and her library of knowledge above all else.

Unbeknownst to them, Worldmind had used a form of mind control to basically manipulate each new Corps recruit to prevent them from leaving. Fortunately, Richard found out and was able to end the operation.

6 Go to war under a new Nova Prime

nova body war

During the “War of the Kings” story arc, the newly assembled Nova Corps took to the battlefield in their first massive war to stop the war between the Inhuman Kree and the Shi’ar.

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Sadly, the Corps was led by a brand new Nova Prime on Malik Tarcel, due to Worldmind releasing Richard. This caused too many casualties to count. Richard returned, regained the name and power of Nova Prime, saved the remaining Corps, and began training new recruits who wished to stay.

5 Recruit some questionable new recruits

After Richard Rider’s return from the Cancerverse thanks to the help of the new Nova, Sam Alexander, a new Nova Corps began to form faster than ever. However, this new Corps had a lot to prove.

This resulted in most of the planets deciding that they weren’t going to send their best soldiers, but instead launch the new criminal groups. This also led to the new Corps being full of spies as well, who had the goal of distracting the Novas.

4 Being caught not ready again

church of truth nov

The Nova Corps was once again captured and quickly defeated recently in the Marvel Universe, in the stories preceding the Scourge of Annihilation story that featured characters like Nova, Silver Surfer and Beta Ray Bill.

This time, the Nova Corps lost the ability to operate in the Andromeda galaxy due to the Skrulls withdrawing from a jurisdiction treaty. After this, they were all eliminated by the Universal Church of Truth, once again leaving Richard as the sole member of Nova.

3 Trust a child with all the Nova strength

nova number 1

One big Nova Corps mistake was the first decision of the first Nova Prime shown in the entirety of Marvel Comics’ run. That mistake was giving a child the power of Nova Prime.

That boy was the grumpy teenager, Richard Rider. While Rider wasn’t originally the best option, he has since become one of the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe.

two Trusting the Kree

mcu nova corps

In the MCU, Nova Corps feels very different from what it does in the world of comics. This, of course, means that the Corps has also made different mistakes.

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One of the first was trusting that the Kree Empire would honor their peace agreement. Shortly after this agreement, the Kree, Ronan the Accuser, made a deal with Thanos to destroy Xandar, home of the Nova Corps.

1 Holding the Power Stone

Another big mistake made by the Nova Corps of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was the choice to hold and protect the Power Stone after the Guardians of the Galaxy film.

This mistake was the last one, since, during his search for the Infinity Stones, Thanos appeared and killed every member of the Corps. One can easily assume that Richard Rider will be revealed as the only member Thanos will leave alive sooner or later in the MCU.

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