Paddington’s first two films feature top-notch stars as main villains. With Paddington 3 now confirmed, what actors and actresses are in the frame?

Who could play the main villain in the next one? Paddington 3? Michael Bond’s Peruvian bear has been a staple of children’s literature since the 1950s, but few expected the jam-loving fluffball to translate as effectively to the big screen as he did. From 2014 Paddington featured a lineup of British talent stars, with James bondBen Whishaw voicing the healthy title character. From 2017 Paddington 2 it won even more applause and was rightly considered one of the strongest movie releases of the year in any genre. Happily, Paddington 3 It is now officially in the early stages of development after several years of hopeful rumors.

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One of the many fun elements of the Paddington world of cinema are villains larger than life. From 2014 Paddington saw Nicole Kidman play Millicent Clyde, a cowardly taxidermist determined to add the bear adopted by the Brown family to her list of stuffed subjects. Not particularly fond of the idea, Paddington brings out Millicent with a well-placed sandwich on his head. Hugh Grant took on the bad guys’ duties to Paddington 2, playing Phoenix Buchanan, a downcast actor on an elaborate scavenger hunt with Paddington’s book. He gets punched in the face for his problem, and Grant’s post-credits prison dance sequence is nothing short of great.

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With Paddington 3 Now confirmed (and God knows the world needs it), one of the biggest questions is who will play the main villain this time around. After Kidman and Grant, the Paddington Movies are rapidly developing a tradition for big-name actors as overblown evildoers, and fans are already making their preferred choices on social media. These are some of the most exciting options to face the formidable little bear in Paddington 3.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig James Bond No Time to Die

Fresh out of James Bond with No time to die, Daniel Craig would be an ideal opponent for Paddington Bear. Coming out of the infamous and intense role of 007, Craig will perhaps seek a job as far removed from the Bond world as possible. Playing a cartoonish villain in a family movie about a well-spoken bear certainly fits that description. Craig is no stranger to playing the bad guy, of course, providing Ivan Sakharine’s voice and motion capture in The Adventures of TintinBut since this was a purely animated performance, the actor has never really come off as a classic villain in full live-action box office glory. Paddington 3 He could have a lot of fun going back to Daniel Craig’s Bond story, and as the face of a British fictional institution, Paddington would feel right at home to this ex 007. Perhaps more than Hugh Grant or Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig would offer a more imposing threat in Paddington 3, making the bear’s inevitable victory even sweeter.

Olivia colman

Olivia Colman in The Crown

Win an Oscar for your portrayal of Queen Anne in The favoriteOlivia Colman occupies the highest level of British acting talent, and her wide range (from the church) of previous roles encompasses everyday heroes, despicable criminals, and everything in between. Like Daniel Craig, Colman has been in the villain bets, like Prisoner Zero in Matt Smith’s first movie. Doctor who episode. Although his brush with the Time Lord was brief, Colman showed his ability to PaddingtonIt’s the familiar brand of sinister, rather than Hannibal Lecter’s pure bloodlust. It is also worth noting Olivia Colman’s long tenure as Sophie in Peep show. The celebrated British comedy cemented Colman’s status as one of the funniest actresses in the UK, and as Hugh Grant so enthusiastically demonstrated, that’s an important quality to embrace when taking on Paddington and the Browns.

Ian McKellen

Very similar Harry Potter, Paddington It serves as a visual encyclopedia of British actors, featuring Hugh Bonneville, Imelda Staunton, Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent, Michael Gambon, Brendan Gleeson and many, many more. With such a storied cast in both films, surely the only reason Ian McKellen has yet to appear is because the producers have yet to find a role worthy of the actor behind Gandalf and Magneto. Paddington 3 offers the perfect opportunity to remedy that by casting Ian McKellen as the film’s main villain. With arguably Marvel’s most famous foe on his résumé, McKellen is well versed when it comes to big-screen shenanigans, and you’d expect him to channel a bit of Magneto’s ruthlessness into a potential. Paddington 3 performance (if not the fearsome superpowers and megalomania of the Brotherhood). As a veteran statesman of stage and screen, McKellen could play an intriguing Moriarty-style antagonist at the opposite end of the scale from Hugh Grant’s flamboyant showman from Paddington 2.

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Javier Bardem

Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva in Skyfall

Javier Bardem is good at playing villains; this we know. From Anton in No country for old men and Raoul Silva in Skyfall to Captain Salazar in pirates of the Caribbean, the Spaniard certainly knows how to handle a bad boy. While Bardem’s reputation might suggest he’s a bit too harsh for Paddington’s jolly world, the actor has already been linked to the franchise by no less than Paddington Y Paddington 2 director, Paul King. In an interview with LetterboxdKing was asked who could follow Kidman and Grant as Paddington’s third nemesis, and dismissed Javier Bardem as his preferred pick. Despite his experience on the field, Bardem has never really played the kind of bear-hunting villain that Paddington Bear requires. It would certainly be fascinating to see a Bardem villain who doesn’t have the option to shoot his enemies or make the audience very uncomfortable.

Thandie Newton

Through Shock, Mission: Impossible 2 Y Fulfillment of your dutyThandie Newton has routinely delivered captivating and nuanced performances, and not always with the strongest material to work with. In her role as Maeve in Westworld, Newton has anchored an incredibly complex and dense mythology with a distinctly human representation of a non-human character, and although Paddington 3 Not likely to prove as mentally draining as HBO’s wacky sci-fi western, Thandie Newton could still be a perfect fit in the fictional world of the bear. Part of Nicole Kidman’s appeal in the first Paddington film derived from the uniqueness of seeing an award-winning actress predominantly associated with serious roles plunge into a deadly enmity with a bear in a hat. Newton fits into the same project and has demonstrated the kind of diabolical willingness to play on audience expectations that comes with being Paddingtonopponent.

Kate winslet

Since Eternal radiance of a flawless mind to your next part in the next 23 Avatar In movies, Kate Winslet has enjoyed a distinguished and varied career, although the world will always return to a young Rose wrapped in the arms of Leonardo DiCaprio on the tip of the Titanic. Despite her extensive filmography, Winslet hasn’t really enjoyed villain gambling. The actress showed enough antagonistic talent in the Divergent series, but released during the last days of Hollywood’s obsession with young adults, Winslet’s performance perhaps didn’t get the credit it deserved. As a jewel in the crown of British actresses, Winslet feels like a logical addition to Paddingtonexisting cast, and there is an attractive unknown quality surrounding Winslet as a possible enemy of Paddington Bear. In Ricky Gervais Additional featuresWinslet’s mindful comedy skills were on full display, and a similar (albeit less harsh) approach would work well with Paddington 3‘stone. Winslet feels like a good fit for an entrepreneur-type villain, someone who might try to market Paddington for his own financial gain.

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