Paul Bettany continues to joke with another surprise guest on WandaVision, saying that it has not been leaked and that he has long wanted to work with this actor.

Paul Bettany continues to promote the second major guest star on WandaVision. The show is known for generating surprising moments, with one of the most shocking came at the end of episode 5 when Evan Peters’ Pietro appeared on Westview. But as Bettany has been insisting, they still have one more guest star that has yet to be leaked.

WandaVision Episode 6 significantly changed the course of the show going forward. Aside from the syntezoid learning more about the actual state of Westview, it was also able to see the outside world for the first time while trying to break out of the mystical barrier. This nearly caused Vision to die, hinting at his true nature outside of the spell. However, thanks to Wanda, who received advice from Billy, she was able to save her husband by expanding her pocket reality.

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In the midst of all the chaos that is currently happening in Westview, it appears that something else is still brewing. WandaVision with Bettany still relentless in teasing this mysterious character, this time, in a new interview with Don. He hasn’t revealed any pertinent details about how their arrival might affect the show, but says it hasn’t been leaked like Peters’s appearance was, and he had always dreamed of working with them.

“This is the theory that says that there is a mysterious avenger that is going to appear in WandaVision, and people seem to think that the mysterious avenger is Doctor Strange. The truth is that, of all the characters that we were trying to keep secret, many of them came out through leaks. There is a character that has not been revealed and it is very exciting, it is an actor that I have wanted to work with all my life. We have some incredible scenes together, and the chemistry between us is I think it was extraordinary and it was just fireworks on set. I’m so excited for people to see those things. “

WandaVision Vision escaping the Paul Bettany hex

From the way Bettany framed her last date, it’s unclear if she was hinting that the character in question is part of the Avengers movies. However, the mention of Doctor Strange may be an indication that the future sorcerer supreme will not be the next surprise player. Thinking about it, there’s a good chance they aren’t even a hero / villain in the MCU, since that won’t be much of a surprise anyway. The franchise is known for its interconnected storytelling with Avengers Endgame becoming the culmination of years of setup, so anything else not at that level could be a bit of a disappointment.

Prior to WandaVision At the episode 7 launch, Marvel Studios has released a preview clip, joking about what to expect from the show. As expected, the sitcom-influenced Disney + show is now in the 2010s and its main source of inspiration is Modern Family. However, Scarlet Witch is out of stock, resulting in some glitches at Westview. Interestingly, Vision and Pietro were nowhere to be seen in the video.

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WandaVision Vision escaping the Paul Bettany hex

Paul Bettany reacts to WandaVision MCU fan theories in new video

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