Square Enix’s latest effort, Project Triangle Strategy, appears to be an exciting new twist on the idea of ​​a branching narrative in video games.

At Nintendo Direct on February 17, Square Enix announced a new tactical RPG. Project triangle strategy is a game that sees the influence of classic strategy RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics Y Ogre Tactics, but also more modern RPG titles like Octopath Traveler Y Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The game is scheduled to launch in 2022, but Square has released a free demo on the Switch eShop for anyone who wants to test the waters of what could be the next strategy RPG masterpiece.

Set on the fantastic continent of Norzelia, three kingdoms have faced each other for decades over limited resources, and war seems feasible at any moment. At the height of what is known as the Saltiron War, a group of virtuous heroes from the Glenbrook Kingdom is determined to protect their home and end this conflict.

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As a strategy RPG, Triangular strategy plays similarly to games like Final Fantasy Tactics, with the player controlling multiple characters in a closed piece. Each character has different skills and abilities to fight against the horde of enemies. Position and elevation are key to victory in Triangular strategyAs attacking an enemy from behind and from higher spaces will deal more damage, but this feature works just as well for your opponents as it does for you and your party.

Triangular strategyThe demo throws you into the conflict of the game’s middle chapters. While this means that the player won’t have to go through a multitude of early tutorials and setup and can see the game for what it really is in terms of combat, story, and characters, this also means that those who play the demo will. See scenes from the story with no context and no interest in the lives of these characters yet. If you’re someone who would like to play the game spoiler-free, the demo may not be for you in this case. That being said, the demo still manages to show what to expect in the game.

After fleeing an assassination attempt, the protagonist, Serenoa, and her allies head to the kingdom’s drawbridge, where they must act accordingly if they hope to open the door and fight the guards at the same time. The game offers a real challenge; one or two attacks on these enemies will not kill them directly. Backstabs, status ailments, and bonus damage from higher elevation are needed against these formidable foes.

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However, significant strategic combat isn’t the only mechanic up this game’s sleeve. Critical decision making is also at the core of this game, and there are three fundamental principles that will influence your character: morality, freedom, and usefulness. You must rally your allies when you encounter fearsome obstacles, and there will be times when what you want is not what the majority is for.

What is especially interesting about Triangular strategyThe mechanic of choice is that your party has as much to say in the next course of action as the player. The player has no more voice than anyone else, so when there is a division in the next course of action, the player will need to persuade his allies to see his point of view. It’s a fascinating take on the branching path narrative of video games because it means that the characters joining you on this journey have a lot of interest in what happens next as a player.

Even the art direction and scenery create charming atmospheres. The hybrid 2D-3D style is very reminiscent of Octopath Traveler as you feel like you are watching adorable but dramatic diorama plays. The little details do well to make these environments feel authentic, like how the river glows in the moonlight in the first combat encounter or how we see ash and ash flying across the screen as the houses of Glenbrook begin to burn on. calls.

Overall, the Project demo Triangular strategy provides an exciting and engaging snippet of what to expect in this densely packed RPG. Anyone who loves strategy RPGs should be aware of this promising new title.

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