What has always set Nintendo’s consoles apart from the competition has been their arsenal of unique franchises populated by colorful and memorable characters who often exist as brand ambassadors in addition to video game protagonists. No matter how popular the franchises are Obligations or Grand Theft Auto turned, Mario will probably be the most iconic video game character in the world.

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Doubly so, he’s also an iconic video game mascot. Nintendo has its fair share of pets topping its various best-selling franchises. (Some of these pets were even derived from other games.) But while they are all capable of putting their names on the game titles, not all of them have the same level of intelligence.

10 Yoshi

Regardless of the skills that Yoshi proves to be capable of honing and the tasks that he proves capable of accomplishing during his own franchise, it’s hard to forget the first impressions the dinosaur makes on the Super Mario games.

When Mario is evicted from Yoshi, for example, the cartoonish green reptile starts running around in panic before inevitably falling to his death. It’s hard to imagine a Nintendo mascot who would do something as silly as this.

9 Donkey kong

Super Mario 64 Intro Donkey Kong Classic Easter Egg Discovered

Donkey Kong has never been the cause of his own death in the myriad of game iterations in which he appears. Yet he ranks as a blunt enforcer across the entire Nintendo landscape who relies on his strength over his brain.

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That doesn’t mean it’s not smart. One has to be at least somewhat conscientious when it comes to playing a baseball game. But considering Donkey Kong hits home runs by hitting baseballs with his fists, it’s safe to say he’s not a great strategist.

8 Pikachu

Pikachu Pokemon game

Pokemon It’s not just a top-tier franchise in the Nintendo catalog; It is also a well-known brand in the world, in general. Of course, Pikachu is the one leading this Pokemon popularity, even to the tune of your own balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

While Pikachu is definitely a smart character and one of the smartest Pokemon, it is still smart compared to these other figures, rather than just. After all, it tends to reflect the personality of the trainer, so this sponge-like persona is limiting in terms of a potential build for Pikachu’s own intelligence.

7 Mario

Super mario odyssey

As mentioned above, Mario is not just a pet for him. Super Mario franchise or even just for Nintendo; is an icon of video games. So it has to be like Mickey Mouse: accessible to everyone and unpleasant to anyone.

Therefore, Mario may be smart, but not too smart. He never thinks of taking preventive action against Bowser’s kidnapping of his true love, Princess Peach (even going so far as to invite Bowser to play tennis with them), but he cleverly manages to save her every time. However, he also ends up stuck in an oil painting at one point. It’s not a good look if you want to be considered one of Nintendo’s smartest front men.

6 Kirby


While Mario’s intelligence has to come through in a healthy way to appeal to as many quadrants of the cultural world as possible, Kirby’s occupies the opposite territory.

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Despite being just a kid, Kirby has effortlessly accomplished many great feats that most could only dream of. Each time, Kirby comes across as a truly clever wit, even if he doesn’t exhibit a traditional intellect. Cute on the surface and sardonic on the inside, Kirby is one of Nintendo’s smartest icons.

5 Link

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Link

At The legend of Zelda series, Link is one of the two main pets. Different games have played with Link’s intelligence in different ways. Most of the time he is able to solve puzzles and outwit enemies much stronger than him. Furthermore, he was able to master various weapons quickly and efficiently. While he is certainly smart, he will always be a brave character in the first place.

4 Luigi

Luigi's Mansion 3 Looking

As for Mario’s propensity to get caught up in things like oil paintings, someone has to free him from that, right? That would be Luigi, Mario’s brother, who spearheads his own series of games, which include, most prominently, Luigi’s Mansion.

To be fair, when Luigi starts out, he’s essentially a taller, greener clone of Mario. But over time, Professor E. Gadd’s immaculate intellect seems to rub off on him, and Luigi becomes more considerate, more anticipatory, and smarter than his brother.

3 Samus aran

While the seven characters above have delivered intelligence levels to varying degrees, the top three in this ranking of pets are clearly the top tier of Nintendo icons. Starting with Samus Aran, these are clearly the smartest Nintendo pets of the bunch.

Samus Aran is the star of Metroid series and is currently in the middle of its fourth decade of existence. She is a bounty hunter in the color of Iron Man who has a flawless mission record and an unrivaled command of some of the most elusive weapons in the game. Without a doubt, there is a unique force in Samus intelligence.

two Tom nook

While much of Samus’ intelligence manifests in the form of strength, Tom Nook’s intellect (and strength, too, for that matter) manifests in a different ability. As the mascot of Animal crossing, Tom Nook can also maintain absolute dominance over any village created in the series.

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He’s able to squeeze the lives of residents for every last bell they have, working to the bone for wages they can’t even support. He’s Nintendo’s cruelest capitalist, but he’s also undeniably smart.

1 Zelda

Going back to The legend of Zelda series, it is Zelda who ranks first in Nintendo’s pet intelligence rankings. There may be a more intelligent character in the Zelda franchise, but when it comes to pets, she’s the best.

Not only does he rank highly when it comes to perception, intuition, and foresight (such as when he develops a game plan to drive out cowardly villains like Ganondorf), he is also capable of developing his intellect throughout the game. , as players perfect. his skills too. Mario may be Nintendo’s most famous mascot, but it is Zelda who is clearly the smartest.

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