Ramona Singer of The Real Housewives of New York City looks unrecognizable to fans in her new Instagram photo. Reddit fans discuss her new look.

Fans of The Real Housewives of New York City I know one of Ramona Singer’s claims of fame is how she seems to be aging backwards. She didn’t call her skincare line Ageless by Ramona for nothing. Skincare can significantly help the look of aging skin, but her recent Instagram post shows Ramona may have received a facelift after filming.

Ramona has been a part of the reality series since it first aired on Bravo in 2009. When she started on the show, Ramona was already 52 years old, which surprised viewers at first. Now that the show is 12 seasons old, fans have seen Ramona enter her sixties and she looks better than she did 11 years ago. While Ramona will credit her Ageless by Ramona skincare line, fans would love to hear what she does to keep her skin looking so youthful.

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In a recent thread on Reddit, amateurs pointed out the different Ramona seen in his most recent Instagram post. The photo is of Ramona having dinner with her face tighter than usual. Some thought he may have lost some weight or had a face lift, others believed it was FaceTune. Fans clearly noticed the difference on her face and were quick to offer their thoughts on Ramona’s ever-changing facial look. One fan mentioned how thin she looks, while another noted that her neck looked smaller. Someone else also commented on her lips, noting that she may have received a lip reshaping. While all of these theories are possible, another fan thinks it looks like this because of FaceTune. “All of you … this is so incredibly FaceTuned, they “declared”.Look at the trim behind it, those don’t line up at all. Her neck and body became slimmer, her face softened, probably more. “

FaceTune has become the most common application among celebrities to help smooth and tone the body and face. It wouldn’t be surprising if this was the reason for Ramona’s new unrecognizable look. Although some fans agreed that FaceTune was behind Ramona’s new raised face, others believed that her teeth had something to do with her new appearance. One Reddit user noted: “I think your teeth look different. “The fans agreed, and one person thought he had veneers.”It looks like it has veneers“They stated. In a previous meeting episode, Ramona revealed that she received veneers from a cosmetic dentist for the stars, Dr. Apa. Veneers tend to change the appearance of someone’s face, but not to the extent of the new look. of Ramona.

Overall Ramona looks fantastic in her new Instagram photo. Whether a little pinch has been done and a bit of FaceTuning has been done, fans can’t deny how good 64-year-old Ramona looks. Maybe Ramona was on to something with her Ageless By Ramona skincare line.

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