Ban was one of the strongest supporting characters in the Seven deadly sins history. Embodying greed itself, he was perhaps Meliodas’s closest (and at the same time most tenuous) ally. His mischievous disposition can make him endearing at times, though unbearable in other cases.

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Like any compelling character, there are a number of strengths and weaknesses that convey Ban’s usefulness not only as a warrior but also as a friend. By meticulously detailing its best aspects and contrasting them with the worst, we have a firmer idea of ​​just how invaluable Fox Sin’s services really are.

10 STRENGTH: His immortality allows him to bounce back without permanent damage

One of Ban’s most useful assets is his immortality. Specifically, he can bounce back from literally any attack without permanent damage and is the only member of the Sins to do so. This allows him to be an expendable agent on seemingly impossible missions and also makes him virtually invincible to the Knights of Liones.

An excellent example of her healing affinity can be glimpsed through her battle against Estarossa. Although the demon had erased everything above his waist, he managed to survive, even if he failed to successfully retrieve Meliodas.

9 WEAKNESS: Not unbeatable with healing limitations

Although Ban’s heal makes him an excellent asset to the Sins and resistant to almost any existing opponent, it does not guarantee that he is unbeatable. If his body is destroyed, his soul can be swallowed, although his body form can regenerate, it will only be like an empty shell.

This was a fate that almost happened to him during his battles against Galand and Melascula. If Escanor had not defended them from the Ten Commandments, Sin and his fellow knight would have fallen before their depravity.

8 STRENGTH: It is the most pragmatic member of the sins

Ban is comfortably the most pragmatic member of the Sins, save for Merlin. He is willing to put the safety of his companions above his conscience, demonstrated after Guila’s defeat and his subsequent order to kill her. Fox Sin’s questionable morality serves as a necessary counterweight to Meliodas’ (formerly) capricious disposition.

Although it would ultimately be better if they did not kill her (due to the help she would offer them later), the Holy Knight would return a second time, imbued with the strength of demon blood. In this state, she became significantly more difficult to defeat and more unhinged in the process.

7 WEAKNESS: It has little defense and durability.

One consequence of Ban’s immortality is that he is often unconcerned about defending himself, as none of the injuries inflicted upon him have consequences. This implies that it is much easier to hit than many of the other melee-focused Sins.

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Also, it has extremely low durability (unlike Escanor or Meliodas), with no resistance to magic or the edicts of the Ten Commandments (like Merlin’s). He was even vulnerable to King’s fairy abilities, forcing Elaine’s spirit to crawl through her lover’s life before he was released. His overwhelming number of weaknesses make him easier to defeat than his rejuvenation might suggest.

6 STRENGTH: His ability to steal powers gives him more versatility

Despite Ban’s appalling defenses, his versatility is a huge asset in his favor. This manifests most significantly through their ability to steal the power of others with physical touch. The longer you can maintain contact, the more force you can get from your target.

As a result, he can take on enemies who have a staggering power advantage over himself. It was shown through his fight against Galand, that he would have concluded much faster if not for his quick thinking and ingenuity.

5 WEAKNESS: Can be too gullible at times

Despite the harsh conditions he grew up in, Ban is remarkably and inexplicably gullible. This was most prominently demonstrated through the offer that a mysterious voice had persuaded him with, stating that if he killed Meliodas, they would bring Elaine back to life.

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He immediately accepted this deal despite the fact that the Sins were currently on an active mission to overthrow Hendrickson and restore the kingdom. Hawk challenged the authenticity of these claims with dozens of valid questions (such as the identity of the negotiator or what forced them to keep their end of the deal), queries that Fox Sin deliberately ignored.

4 STRENGTH: His physical strength was enough to compete with the best servants and Meliodas of Bellion

Despite his human condition, Ban has enormous physical strength. He was able to deal directly with Bellion’s best servants, who were said to have power comparable to that of the Ten Commandments.

His battle against Meliodas was so deadly that Merlin put them both in a perfect cube so that the reaction would not harm the spectators. In addition, he was able to accidentally destroy the prison in which Jericó had kept him once the captain arrived to procure his freedom.

3 WEAKNESS: Your overconfidence could cost you your life

Ban’s courage is an admirable asset, but when he becomes overconfident, it becomes his downfall. The first example of this was shown by how badly he was destroyed in his efforts to protect Elaine from a demon.

King got over it with similar convenience after their reunion after several years. An unfortunate side effect of her rejuvenation is that she instills courage that cannot always be won. In certain situations, this can cause serious dangers and can even cost Fox Sin his life.

two STRENGTH: You are willing to forgive and not hold a grudge

Perhaps Ban’s least appreciated trait is his ability to forgive others. He held no grudge against King after he was nearly petrified by him for the rest of his life. Also, there was no animosity between him and the captain despite their own encounter, even after Fox Sin had been publicly humiliated during the tournament they participated in with each other.

It was also proven through the treatment he gave to Zhivago, his adoptive father. When the hunters endangered his son while the thugs beat up Ban, he chose the former and left the latter to his own devices. Following their meeting, Ban forgave him, even insisting that he would have been angrier if he had chosen otherwise.

1 WEAKNESS: He is willing to give up everything for Elaine

Ban’s weakness for Elaine has been central to his character. He was willing to throw anything away for her, including his friendships, immortality, and even his own life.

As charming as this may sound, it wasn’t all that charming after she was resurrected through Melascula and was about to kill him and Jericho in their slandered envy. If it weren’t for the overwhelmingly powerful emotions they felt for each other, Fox Sin would have lost his soul for the sake of his heart.

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