Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte inspired audiences to find their own band of friends united in Sex and the city. In hindsight, while there are definitely some good times between the quad, there are also some troublesome ones. By removing the layers of its dynamics, some of these toxic instances come from none other than the show’s central character, Carrie Bradshaw.

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Since fans are checking reruns in anticipation of revival And so …, now is the ideal time to see where Carrie fails and succeeds as a friend.

10 Better: comfort Miranda after her mother’s death

In season 4, Sex and the city takes a serious turn when Miranda’s mother passes away unexpectedly. To show their support, Carrie, Charlotte, and Samantha travel to Philadelphia to attend the funeral. In a show of true love and compassion, Carrie walks Miranda down the aisle as the funeral procession leaves the church.

This is one of the most powerful and emotionally heavy moments in the series. It also solidifies Carrie and Miranda’s especially close bond and heralds their dependence on each other later in the season when Miranda becomes pregnant.

9 Worst: ditching Miranda for something big

One of Carrie’s shortcomings is that she hopes her friends will always understand and support her actions. When she ditchs plans with Miranda to dine on fresh beef with Big, it takes a huge hit to her dynamics. Miranda sums it up best when she yells at Carrie for cheating on her “for a politically incorrect piece of meat” and shows her so-called friend that her priorities are a bit mixed.

Carrie is lucky that this example of bad friend behavior has a happy ending moments later, when Miranda meets her future husband, Steve.

8 Better: Taking care of it big

Carrie with Big in the hospital while he is operated on in Sex and the City Season 6 episode 11

Big breaks the shocking news that she needs surgery, triggering an emotional and tearful reaction in Carrie. After the operation, Nurse Carrie shows up on duty and shows up to her hotel room in a candy stripper costume with a bag of games to help make her recovery fun.

For once, Carrie’s interaction with Big is platonic and negates any sense of persistence. It’s simply an act of maturity and character development on Carrie’s part and shows that the two of them could be great friends if they really wanted to.

7 Worst: expecting money from Charlotte

Carrie confronts Charlotte for not offering money for her apartment in Sex and the City Season 4 Episode 16

After breaking off their doomed engagement, Carrie is rudely awakened by Aidan handing her the legal papers forcing her to vacate or purchase her apartment. Out of cash, Miranda, Samantha, and even Big offer to give her money to help her, but when Charlotte falls silent, Carrie confronts her.

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In the end, Charlotte offers her expensive old engagement ring to cover Carrie’s down payment. Although things work out, it is quite narcissistic of Carrie to take on and hope that her friends will help her keep her financially afloat.

6 Better: Defend your friends

If there’s one thing Carrie does well, it’s standing up for her friends during their most vulnerable moments. During a weekend trip to Atlantic City, Miranda is embarrassed by a drunk gamer when Carrie intervenes. And after Charlotte is fired by a love and dating expert during a seminar, Carrie stands up for her.

Sure, Bradshaw has many shortcomings and can be self-centered, but she knows when to step in and act as a line of defense for her friends.

5 Worst: sending Aidan to help Miranda

Miranda wears a neck brace after injuring her back in Sex and the City Season 4 Episode 7

When Miranda throws her neck after taking a shower, she calls for Carrie. In a time crisis due to a meeting with his editor, Aidan volunteers to go. It’s a nice and sweet gesture on Aidan’s part, but Carrie could have called someone closer to Miranda too, like Charlotte or Samantha. This puts Miranda naked and injured in an even more uncomfortable position. Worst of all, Carrie didn’t even call again to let him know about the change in plans.

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The next day, Carrie arrives at Miranda’s apartment with bagels and complaints about her boyfriend, which doesn’t sit well with her friend who is leaning on her neck. While one may appreciate the joy of free food, this is a peace offering that is not baked.

4 Best: Leaving big for the birth of Brady

Miranda's fountain breaks over Carrie's shoes at the hospital in Sex and the City season 4 episode 18

At the end of season 4, Big reveals to Carrie that he is moving across the country to Napa, California. To make the most of their limited time, they plan one last outing together to say goodbye to New York and each other. Their date is cut short when Carrie receives a call that Miranda is in labor. Without hesitation, Carrie bolts off her romantic horse-drawn carriage ride and arrives in time to witness Brady’s birth.

Though she never actually says goodbye to Big, Carrie knows that sometimes it’s worth giving up.

3 Worst: excluding Stanford

Carrie with friends at the dog show in Sex and the City season 6 episode 17

In an attempt to introduce her friends to her newest boyfriend, Aleksandr Petrovsky, Carrie arranges for everyone to come for a drink. She asks Samantha and Miranda right in front of their other best friend, Stanford, but doesn’t extend the invitation and even goes so far as to tell her that it’s a “girls only” occasion.

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This isn’t the first time that Bradshaw has mistreated Stanford and makes his dynamic one of the most troublesome in the series. We hope that when revival hits the small screen, Carrie will be working to become a practicing ally of the LGBTQ + community and a best friend of Stanford.

two Best: Supporting the election of Miranda

Carrie and Miranda at the clinic in Sex and the City Season 4 Episode 11

When Miranda is surprised to discover that she is pregnant, she confides in the only person she knows she can turn to: Carrie. Miranda weighs her options and decides to terminate the pregnancy, Carrie accompanies her to her appointment.

Carrie also tries to mediate the tension between Miranda and Charlotte, who is angered by her friend’s unexpected conception. More importantly, when Miranda changes her mind and decides to continue the pregnancy, Carrie continues to offer her support without condition or judgment.

1 Worst: embarrassing samantha

Carrie reacts to Samantha's sexual act in Sex and the City season 5 episode 4

This is not so much a moment, but a series of cases where Carrie, a sex columnist, shames her best friend Samantha, for her sexuality. Charlotte and Miranda are also guilty of getting on the train of embarrassing whores. These moments become increasingly chilling as the years pass since the series premiered in 1998.

Despite the harsh opinions of her friends, Samantha Jones is an icon and shows that one should never apologize or apologize for being one.

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