Star Wars It is full of great heroes, and one of the greatest is Leia Organa. Of the three main heroes in the Original Trilogy, Leia was the sensible one who had to step up and save the day when the boys couldn’t. She was also best treated for the changes that the Sequel Trilogy brought about in the franchise, becoming a more well-rounded hero who never gave up the fight against evil.

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However, there are two different Leia Organas: the one from the movies, comics, and novels currently published by Disney and the Leia Organa Solo of Legends, a woman who had a very different life, one that turned her into someone else entirely.

10 Healed the wounds of the civil war

The war between the Rebel Alliance, renamed the New Republic after the victory at Endor and the taking of Coruscant, and the Empire took a different direction in Legends, with completely different players and events leading to its end. While Leia still found time to help in the fight, her main job for years was to travel the galaxy as the main ambassador for the New Republic and work to heal the wounds of the war.

Leia worked hard to reunite the various species in the galaxy and in the New Republic, unifying the galaxy once again and helping to end the tyranny of the Empire.

9 His relationship with Darth Vader did not destroy his political career


In canon, Leia’s career as a politician in the New Republic was torpedoed when it was revealed that Darth Vader, one of the most hated beings in the galaxy for good reason, was her father. However, in Legends, once the truth was revealed, no one really cared because she had distinguished herself in the fight for freedom and was not even raised by the Sith Lord.

It was always a pointless plot point, that people would hate Leia for being Vader’s daughter, when they only met him on the battlefield. In canon, most people viewed her as the daughter of Bail Organa and didn’t hold against her genetics, which makes a lot more sense.

8 Became leader of the New Republic

Leia on the Japanese cover Joiner King

In Legends, Leia was the right hand of Mon Mothma (leader of both the Rebel Alliance and the New Republic) and when Mothma retreated after a battle with an Empire-produced nano-virus that nearly killed her, she chose Leia as its successor.

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Leia led the New Republic through the last stages of the war against the Empire. She held the young government together through battles against Imperial warlords, fierce alien races that the Empire had held in subjection like the Yevetha, and infighting, all while raising a family and trying to keep them safe.

7 Helped the remaining people of Alderaan deal with their pain

Alderaan’s loss to the Death Star was a crushing blow to all Alderaanians, including Leia. In the early days of the New Republic, he spent a lot of time trying to heal those wounds. She was their representative on the Provisional Council, the governing body of the first New Republic, and she worked to find them a new homeworld.

The rest of the people of Alderaan loved her; after all, she was his princess. Of course, her work for the Alderaanians wasn’t always good for her; They tried to make her feel guilty about marrying Prince Isolder of Hapan to get a new home world, but otherwise helping her people was a favorite part of her job.

6 It took a while to become a Jedi Knight

Leia Legends Star Wars

In both the canon and the legends, Leia became a Jedi, but in the legends it took her much longer to really dedicate herself to it. He had so many things to do, like rebuilding the government and ensuring the end of the Empire, so his Jedi studies took a back seat. Although Luke wanted her to train, it was not crucial, as he would eventually train many other Jedi and would not need her to become one.

In fact, Luke wouldn’t even be the one to train her, instead Leia learned from Jedi Master Barabel Saba Sebatyne and became an extremely formidable Jedi, helping to keep the galaxy safe from many threats.

5 Saved Luke from the dark side

Star Wars: Dark Empire.  Princess Leia uses her lightsaber against Palpatine

Similar to canon, Palpatine returned in Legends, except it was actually good and they even took the time to explain how he did it. In this story, Luke decided to join him in trying to defeat him from the inside, but he almost lost himself to the dark side. However, Leia stepped forward and was able to save her brother from the dark side.

Leia did not fight her brother, but used the power of the love they shared as siblings, something Palpatine could never understand, to save her brother from her grasp. It wouldn’t be the last time he had to deal with a Sith, as they were much more prevalent in legends than in canon.

4 He stayed married to Han

Han and Leia

Han and Leia’s relationship in Legends was much stronger than the one the two had in canon. They stayed together through thick and thin, in triumph and tragedy. His was a legendary love, one that made them both stronger and better. Leia tempered Han’s impetuosity and punished him; Han taught Leia to be spontaneous and unpredictable, which was an advantage at the time as a politician and Jedi.

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Leia and Han are a perfect match: the tough-as-nails princess and the scoundrel with a heart of gold. When they worked together, there was nothing that got in their way.

3 Took Chewbacca’s place

Han and Leia in the desert

In the early days of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Chewbacca was killed (by nothing less than a moon falling on him because he was the mighty Chewbacca). Han went his own way for a time in his pain, but he and Leia would reunite and become an even stronger team than before. With her time in politics over, Leia would take Chewbacca’s place as Han’s accomplice.

The two would mainly live in the Millennium Falcon., go on missions for the Jedi and spend as much time as possible together. Leia would become an expert on her husband’s meticulous ship, becoming an incredible pilot and gunner.

two Had three children

The lonely children fighting the Yuuzhan Vong

Han and Leia’s marriage would give them three children. The first two, twins Jaina and Jacen, would follow wildly different paths; Jaina would become a Jedi Master known as the Sword of the Jedi, one of the fiercest warriors in the Order. Jacen would help save the galaxy from the Yuuzhan Vong and then travel gaining esoteric knowledge of the Force before returning to the Jedi Order and becoming Sith Lord Darth Caedus, a parallel to Kylo Ren in canon.

His third son, Anakin, had a bright future ahead of him. One of the most powerful and skilled of the younger generation of Jedi Knights, the teenager would make a name for himself in the early stages of the war against the Yuuzhan Vong before losing his life on a major mission ensuring the survival of the Jedi against the Yuuzhan Vong. the extragalactic invaders.

1 It was not a failure

Leia in exile

One of the common threads of the sequel trilogy as it relates to the heroes of the original trilogy is that they were all failures in some way: Luke failed his students and ran away, Han and Leia failed as parents, and Han returned. to her old life as a smuggler and Leia eventually lost her political career and formed the Resistance, constantly losing to the First Order … and she was the one made to look the best of the three.

In Legends, Leia may not always have been successful, but her life was not as defined by failure as her life in canon. She was a respected politician, an elderly statesman, and a formidable Jedi.

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