Star Wars it is ultimately a story about heroes and there is no greater hero in the series than the OG, Luke Skywalker. Going from a naive farmer to the great Jedi Knight who defeated the Empire, Luke Skywalker was the hero who attracted the most fans. Star Wars, even if he couldn’t always save the galaxy alone. It’s safe to say that without Luke Skywalker, Star Wars it would never have become the phenomenon that did.

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However, there are two very different versions of Luke Skywalker: the one from the movies, comics, and novels that Disney is currently publishing, and the one from the ancient Legends (aka the Extended Universe). Luke in Legends had a very different life than canon, and his experiences made him something else entirely.

10 He was a general in the rebel alliance

Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor cut out

The war between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire after the Battle of Endor was very different in Legends, with completely different players and events. One big difference was that Luke accepted a commission as a general in the Alliance and led an operation to take down Blackhole, one of Palpatine’s servants. Blackhole, whose real name was Cronal, was a member of the dark sect of the Prophets of the Dark Side and had his own plans to seize power in the void left by Palpatine’s death.

While successful in his mission, Luke felt his time as a general was a failure, costing many their lives. He resigned his post, dedicating himself to learning more about the Force and restarting the Jedi Order.

9 He was able to protect his Jedi Academy from many threats


In both current canon and the Legends, Luke Skywalker started a Jedi Academy, but they had two very different destinies. The canon was destroyed, an experience that changed Luke forever. In Legends, Luke’s academy was much more successful. He withstood multiple enemies, thanks to Luke and the Jedi he trained.

While the grounds themselves would eventually be destroyed in the Yuuzhan Vong War, none of the students were lost. Eventually, the Academy would relocate to Ossus, site of an Old Republic Jedi enclave, and Shedu Maad, when Han and Leia’s son turned Sith and were hunting the Jedi.

8 He was successful in re-enacting the Jedi Order

Luke would finally establish his Jedi Academy on Yavin IV in 11 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin) and begin Jedi training. While there would be some growing pains, including the spirit of a Sith Lord haunting the Great Temple on Yavin IV trying to destroy the Academy, Luke would be successful in his quest to reestablish the Jedi Order.

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Luke’s Jedi were quite different from those of the Old Republic, but they were still effective. They helped protect the galaxy during war and peacetime, and while they sometimes overstepped their limits, the galaxy was better off with them than without them.

7 He became one of the most skilled force users of all time

Luke Skywalker Swarm War cropped

Following his stint as a general, Luke spent years traveling the galaxy, trying to reconstruct all the lost knowledge of the Force that Palpatine and the Empire had suppressed. This search was quite fruitful, as it provided not only knowledge about the ancient Jedi Order, but also about other Force-using groups that had different powers and abilities. Luke took all of this knowledge and used it to gain a more complete understanding of the Force than other Force users had.

Luke could do some amazing things through the Force, both for his level of natural power as Anakin Skywalker’s son and for all the things he learned in his years of seeking knowledge of the Force, something he held for most of his life. .

6 Almost fell to the dark side

Star Wars: Dark Empire # 2. Luke bows to Palpatine

During the Original Trilogy movies, Luke was no stranger to the dark side of the Force, even using the strangling power of the Force, which is primarily associated with those of evil persuasion. However, in Legends, Luke went much further and became a servant of the returning Emperor Palpatine. While saying it fell to the dark side is a bit too much because it was a calculated choice, it still came dangerously close to never getting back into the light.

Luke thought he could defeat the dark side from within, but he almost fell into the same trap as his father, a trap he was only saved from thanks to the love of his sister, Leia.

5 Became the best lightsaber fighter alive

Star Wars: Dark Empire.  Leia fights Luke in front of Palpatine.

Before reestablishing the Jedi Order, Luke was often called upon to fight any dark side threats that arose. And as the most skilled Jedi in the Order, he would face enemies other Jedi could not handle. Luke had some pretty challenging battles over the years that constantly put his skills to the test.

Luke spent a lot of time honing his skills with a lightsaber and became virtually invincible in a sword fight. His abilities rivaled those of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Mace Windu, and his father, and his green lightsaber was the fiery mark that kept the chaos of the dark side at bay for decades.

4 He was hunted by the Sith

Anakin Skywalker’s choice to become a Sith haunted Luke for most of his life, both because he was afraid to follow his father’s path and because the Sith always came back to attack him and his Jedi Order. The Sith were the most dangerous threat to the stability of the galaxy, and Luke was always on the lookout for their resurgence.

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From Palpatine’s return until his nephew Jacen became Darth Caedus and the discovery of the Lost Tribe of the Sith, Luke always found himself fighting the Sith, trying to make sure his darkness could never put out the light of freedom. again.

3 I found love and got married

While the Jedi of the Old Republic forbade bonding, Luke was not going to do the same to his Jedi Order, allowing his students to marry and raise families. Luke himself would find love in a strange place: with someone who once wanted to kill him. Mara Jade was once the Hand of the Emperor, traveling the Empire and doing Palpatine’s will, her last command for her before she died was that she must kill Luke Skywalker.

The two would meet and make amends, go on adventures together before realizing the love they had for each other, and eventually marry. Luke’s marriage brought love and meaning into his life, making him a better man and Jedi.

two Had a son

Ben skywalker

Luke and Mara had a son, a son they named Ben, which makes a lot more sense than Leia and Han naming their son Ben. Luke’s Ben would grow up to be a Jedi and he constantly surprised his parents with how good and kind he was. Ben was even able to overcome the appeal of the dark side, refusing to take revenge on his mother’s killer: his own cousin.

Luke and Ben Skywalker would become a great Jedi team after Mara’s death, Ben being the perfect amalgamation of his parents: Luke’s kindness with Mara’s pragmatism. He was on his way to becoming one of the guiding lights of the Jedi Order before Disney erased his entire existence when they left the canon of Legends.

1 He never gave up

Luke Skywalker Outcast

In canon, Luke had a setback and gave up, fleeing the galaxy and finding a quiet place to die. In Legends, Luke suffered many, many tragedies, and yet he didn’t even consider giving up. He continued to fight the good fight and make the galaxy a better place, training more Jedi to take the place of the lost and continue the battle against evil.

In Legends, Luke understood that tragedies happened and that one shouldn’t give up simply because it meant the bad guys won. He never gave up, no matter what the odds or what happened to him, a true hero.

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