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When HBO Max first launched, fans of a couple of incredible Cinemax series were put off to find they were nowhere to be found. While most of the HBO shows ever made are available to stream on HBO Max, The Knick Y Banshee they were not. Up to now.

HBO Max announced today that The Knick will be available to broadcast on Saturday February 20 and Banshee It will air starting Tuesday, February 23. And let me tell you, both shows are great.

The Knick premiered on Cinemax in 2014 and lasted only two seasons, but each episode was directed by Steven Soderbergh. Set in 1900 in New York City, the show stars Clive owen as the new leader of the Knickerbocker Hospital surgical staff attempting to pioneer surgeries and inventive techniques at the turn of the century. Also starring Andre Holland, Eve hewson, Y Jeremy bobb, the series is a visceral and exciting drama about a driven but vastly flawed surgeon who pushes against the system to improve medical techniques. Soderbergh’s directing is phenomenal, and although the show was canceled after two seasons, Barry jenkins He’s reportedly considering a third season that will feature an entirely new cast and time frame.



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BansheeMeanwhile, it’s an incredible action series that premiered in 2013 on Cinemax and ran over four seasons. Boys star Antony starr He plays the lead role of an enigmatic ex-con who assumes the identity of the murdered sheriff of a city. The show was created by Jonathan Tropper Y David schickler and grew a small but devoted fan base during the course of his run.

So rejoice, friends. The Knick Y Banshee it will be broadcast eminently and I cannot recommend both highly enough.

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