We are now on seven episodes of the first Marvel Studios television series. WandaVision, but we just got our first post-credits scene. Yes indeed, consider this your spoiler-free warning that you should definitely watch the credits of WandaVision Episode 7 to see a cute bonus scene from the episode. It’s not on the level of a major reveal, but it has ramifications for next week’s episode and comes on the heels of a rather significant turn of events in Episode 7.

Fans have gotten used to expecting a post-credits scene in every MCU movie from the very first Iron Man, in which Samuel L. Jackson made his Marvel debut as Nick Fury trying to recruit Robert Downey Jr.Tony Stark to the Avengers. Since then, we’ve seen several post-credits scenes with varying levels of intrigue. Some have major plot ramifications for the future of the MCU, such as the credits scene in Captain America the First Avenger brings Cap to the present. And some are just silly little jokes, like Howard the duck at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy.


the WandaVision The credits scene is somewhere in the middle, and it makes us wonder if it’s the only credits scene we’ll get or if there is one or more on the way that will spark future episodes or how. WandaVision connects to the big screen sequel Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness.

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It makes sense that we haven’t had a credits scene until now. WandaVision has taken the time to immerse its audience in the sitcom tributes, without even revealing its main antagonist until the end of Episode 7. An earlier credits scene would have given them their hand and half the fun of watch WandaVision every week you don’t know what to expect.

But we’ve reached a major plot twist for the show, and it looks like the last two episodes will be action-packed as the antagonist is now out in the open. Look for much more WandaVision Coverage of episode 7 all weekend on Collider.

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