It was just revealed that Odin will be retiring to save his son Thor and all of Asgard in Marvel Comics’ current Thor series.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Thor # 12 by Donny Cates and Nic Klein

Odin has returned. In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Thor, The God of Thunder and the newly crowned King of Asgard has been trapped in a realm beneath the Asgard World Tree, a dimension destined for his alter ego Donald Blake. However, Blake is now free, which is not good. Having gone mad and homicidal, Blake has been going after anyone who has ever wielded the power of Thor and Odin, stealing their power in Odin-Force for himself. Now, Thor # 12 sees Valkyrie Jane Foster searching for the only being who could fix things, as he was the one responsible for creating Blake and the bond with Thor in the first place: Odin, the original All-Father.

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Donald Blake has already claimed the power of some Thors, injuring Beta Ray Bill and brutally killing Roger “Red” Norvell. However, he decided to stop killing Jane Foster (once the Mighty Thor) given her history and her kindness towards him. He then went in search of others, but Blake soon found his mate with the combined power of the Frog Thor Throg and the teleporter dog known as Lockjaw. As the two “Pet Avengers” knocked him out and tried to bring him to Doctor Strange, Blake woke up and proved that he had become too powerful for the Sorcerer Supreme, while also learning about the source of the Odin Force itself: The World Tree. . .

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Now, Blake is trying to cut down the World Tree in Thor # 12 from writer Donny Cates with art by Nic Klein. Combined with Donald Blake’s banishment of all the gods from Asgard, his sinister and drastic actions demand an equally epic response. As such, Valkyrie ventures into the stars, in search of Odin, the original All-Father, Thor’s father, and the former King of Asgard. Not only that, but Donald Blake’s entire existence is the result of Odin himself, holding him directly responsible in Jane Foster’s mind.


When Odin was last seen in the present Marvel Universe, he and his wife were leaving Thor’s coronation. However, it seems Odin may be having a challenging retreat in the days after, as Jane finds him alone in an alien bar, very drunk. Jane Foster demands that Odin sober up so that she can fix things with Donald Blake, blaming the whole scenario squarely on his shoulders, and she’s not wrong either. Odin created Blake from the Odin-Force itself, letting him believe that he was a true human mortal. When Thor didn’t need it, Odin created the aforementioned realm under the World Tree for Blake to reside in, which was meant to be paradise. However, as soon as Blake discovered his true nature, he turned into a golden cage, leading to his madness and desire for revenge.

It seems that the less Thor needed his alter-ego in Marvel Comics, Odin should have come up with some kind of plan for Blake to be freed and given a chance to live his own life. However, Odin forgot about the mortal life he had created for his son, leading to the horrors that have now been unleashed in the current Thor run away from Donny Cates and Nic Klein. Now, Odin can make up for his mistakes by coming out of retirement for one final battle (whether he wants to or not). It doesn’t seem like he’s particularly busy at the moment.

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